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March 11, 2023

First Contact

The Sarazones appeared just like that in the middle of the night, subjecting the Earth to utter chaos in a matter of minutes throughout the world.

Their ships, a mile in diameter, appeared over the capital city of every country on Earth hovering there, motionless and without contact, for 24 hours while the world descended into chaos.

Who were these beings? What did they want? Why are they hovering over all of our capitals?

And then just like that, the Sarazones disappeared in the blink of an eye which left the human race with more questions than they had ever thought possible the day before.

Everything changed on Earth while the Sarazones sat and watched while we destroyed ourselves, because we could not cope with the thought that there were other beings outside our own tiny little sphere of influence in the galaxy.

So the choice was ours: descend into madness, or accept the fate that we were not alone.

Truly they could have destroyed us in a heartbeat with those massive ships that had traveled light years to get to our planet, simply leaving us to our own fate which is nothing but that which we have made for ourselves.

Some would call them Puppet Masters; I however am of the opinion that since they have been watching us for millennia for some reason, they thought the time was right to appear to us in order to raise our consciousness to a higher level wherein realizing the greater nature of ourselves.

Would we destroy the the planet and each other with our archaic nuclear technology, or would we realize something greater?

Such is the fate of mankind: to grow up or be the bully in the sandbox.

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