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March 2, 2023

How to Stay Resilient and Become Unshakable

In April 2018, still struggling to find my way, I received an email from a school asking me if I had a mindfulness & yoga training that taught teachers how to teach mindfulness. The email didn’t come out of nowhere. I had been sending a broad outreach to schools offering a short class for students.

When I received this inquiry, I was initially saddened. After all, I did not have what this person was asking for. In despondency, I began to write back and tell them I was not their guy. Then I paused.

Waittttt a second. Could I do this? Maybe I do have it. I mean not tangibly yet, but am I lying to him if I say I do?

Then I thought back to the endless entrepreneurial podcasts I’ve listened to. One thing in their stories was glaring, You start, or in my case, you say “Yes”, and then figure it out on the way.

So with that I pushed my insecurities aside and deleted what I wrote. I instead responded with a fervent, “Yes! I have this workshop” and wrote what in-my-mind I thought it could look like.

In short, by the grace of the Almighty, this person agreed and it went through. All for a price beyond what anyone had ever paid me. I was FLOORED.

I’ll save the overwhelming fear and imposter syndrome that ensued because that’s not the focus of this week’s reflection. All I’ll say is I worked like I’ve never worked before, and the 4 week training was a success. It was also one of the greatest feelings of work fulfillment I’ve had.

The purpose of sharing this story is to tell you that from the one decision to say yes, it sparked a complete transformation of the past year. I’ve since continued to do more workshops, completed a Kids Yoga & Mindfulness training, and met a mentor whose been paramount to this work.

Most notably I founded my business One Mindful Education where I offer yoga & mindfulness programs to students as well as training & stress management workshops for teachers. It’s been so much fun to learn, build, and be challenged in a whole new way.

And it all comes back to that one moment, sitting in a coffee shop on a Monday in April, where I said yes when it was easy to say no. It was One opportunity, and One decision I will never forget.

If you’re feeling lost in your life or work, don’t lose hope. You never know when that One will come for you. It doesn’t take much energy to start a ripple. If you stay true to your vision and your dreams, the Ones will find you.

Feel like you messed up an opportunity? That’s ok. There is another One right behind it. We have the best GPS system money can’t buy within us. No matter how far you get off track, you will always be brought back on your path.

I’ve recorded meditation on this theme to support you and your journey. You guessed it, it’s called: All it Takes is One.

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