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March 28, 2023


It can be a crazy world only if we allow it to be, life can become hectic only if we allow it to, we can live a life full of conflicts only if we keep assuming things, we can keep dwelling on past events and live a life with much resentment, anger and guilt only if we choose too, we can also allow our overthinking minds to take control unless we choose practising presence.
When we become present in the moment, we will free ourselves from the egoistic mind, as we can all feel trapped at times from our very own thoughts and emotions. When we can learn to become more present, we are living with open awareness which allows us to become pure consciousness, our true essence can override the overthinking mind.
When being in the present moment we are not thinking about the past over and over nor are we making up movies in our heads that will happen in the future, we are simply being present, only what is happening right now is all that matters and its always going to be now!
Being aware of your own emotions can help you to understand yourself a lot more, for example the moment you are present, you are the awareness, so if a negative thought came to your mind, and it made you feel unhappy this doesn’t mean that you have done something wrong, if you are aware about how that thought made you feel then this is a great thing, you are becoming identified with one’s self and by practising this awareness, your own thoughts and feelings can slowly deter the egoistic mind.
By practising presence, you will only understand more and more that you are the awareness that witnesses the states your mind takes you. By recognising your own awareness, you can change the way you see things for yourself and clear away those negative thoughts, as negativity will only make you live a miserable life and can create illnesses and health issues.
Present moments will keep you in what is happening now and by learning to except things for how they are right now then things shall flow and transcend to whatever is meant to be, by learning to accept and becoming enthusiastic for your life for how it is right now, you can live the most joyful and fulfilling life.
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