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March 11, 2023

What becomes of us?

Having many friends around the world of different ethnicities, backgrounds and religions, the philosophy of getting to know people of varying belief systems has become important to me.
We converse and banter, sometimes disagreeing, but in the end I sit and listen without judgment because everyone has a right to their opinion

The thought occurred to me about how one of my fundamentalist Christian friends would feel if one day “first contact” was made with humanity on earth, and how he/they would deal with them, especially if the off-worlders brought with them history tapes of our planet through its development, somewhat disproving the beliefs he and others in the fundamentalist Christian community have about our development and actual history.

Would they see our visitors as “satanic”?

You’re going to have to trust me on this one – if interplanetary visitors came here from light years away, they could destroy us in a blink of the eye.

Okay. What if our visitors have nefarious means or ends? Should we not fight to survive?
Read the previous paragraph again.

Here’s my point: if such a thing did happen and they did bring back proof that they had been watching us for millennia as we developed and had the “receipts”, would Tucker Carlson go on the air and rant?
And how about Jim Bakker et al?
Gosh that would put them in a pickle wouldn’t it?

Not sure if we’re ready for First Contact yet, or if we ever will be in my lifetime because they are hell of a lot smarter than we are and are watching us in our development.
My prayer is that they stop us from destroying ourselves before we can ascend to the stars.

My personal feeling is that we as humans are entering a very dangerous period in our development that may need outside intervention in order to wake us up to a greater reality of the Universe – We are not alone, nor have we ever been however we are children in their eyes at this point.

Either way you look at it, LISTENING WITHOUT JUDGING is key to our survival. We are a species akin to the Tower of Babel in the Bible: all claim they are right without listening, deeply, and being compassionate/empathetic to others of different mindsets

Nah. Never going to happen.
Keep going about your business and making as much money as you can while not taking care of those in need because hey, those people on food stamps and Medicaid are slackers

I love my friend even though I disagree with him and his philosophy.
This seems to be the REAL basis of all religious thought, does it not?


All the same. The only difference is subversion of the original thought, which is becoming one with the One, and in essence, one with each other as well.

Or so I’ve been told

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