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March 1, 2023

You’re Meant to Dream Bigger Than What You Believe is Possible

What is my life’s purpose?

That is a question that used to surface to the top of my head from time to time. I’d wrestle with it for a moment or two. Then settle on the idea that it was all meaningless anyways.

I never really allowed myself to dream outside the walls of reality. A nice apartment. A good job. A cute dog to cuddle. Falling in love. Those were things within reach. Those were things I knew I could have easily, and they were good enough.

However, there was always something tugging at my chest wanting for more. I just didn’t know what “more” looked like. So the question plagued me in my sleep and taunted me every time I tried to settle in the arms of contentment – “what is your purpose?”

Forget chasing a dream. I didn’t know how to dream.

Whether you have a plan or not, the universe has one in store for you. If you feel like you’re meant for more. It’s because you are. That feeling that nags at you at the end of the day, right before you fall asleep, is your destiny calling you forward, pushing you to dream.

Every year I choose a different place to travel to. It all seemed so random at first. A country would call to me, and then months later, I’d hop on a plane to explore some foreign land. Each place inspired something different, awakening a sleeping piece of my soul. It was like finding the missing puzzle pieces to a dream I had forgotten.

The Philippines laid out the stepping stones and courage I needed to pack up my bags and go. I knew I could show myself the world, and I would see more of it on my own.

Thailand showed me the kindness of strangers. Whenever I felt lost or alone there always seemed to be someone there to help me along.

Vietnam taught me strength and resilience as I navigated the chaotic streets where the noise of traffic never seemed to seize.

Bali grounded me. And reminded me that no matter how badly I thought I had failed, as long as I was breathing, I got to try again.

Cambodia taught me patience because nothing was ever on time, but everything arrived just in time.

Colombia brought me back to my Latin roots and reminded me to roll my r’s with pride.

Nicaragua brought me peace as I moved with ease and confidence from one city to the next.

And in 2022, Guatemala ignited a fire and sent my dreams dancing into the night sky.

Guatemala made my travel list after I heard about an overnight hiking trip to watch an active volcano erupt above the clouds. It wasn’t just your typical stroll through nature. It was a steep incline to reach one of Central America’s highest peaks at an elevation of 13,000 ft.

Having an aversion to hiking, I didn’t think this venture would be for me, but one look at the amazing photos of the volcano erupting in all its glory persuaded me otherwise. I knew I needed to see this sight for myself, despite the journey I needed to take to get there. It was calling to me.

One hour into the trek, plagued by altitude sickness squeezing the air out of my lungs, I questioned whether I would make it. When I found myself gasping for breath with every step I took, that little voice in my head that wanted to give up before the trek had even started got louder. However, when I saw the guy next to me tossing everything he had eaten for breakfast that morning still trudging along, I figured I could push through too. As we got higher, my pace quickened, and by pure magic, my strength returned to me, launching me forward to one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen.

I reached the top around 5:30 in the morning to watch the sunrise, but the sun had not broken through the clouds yet. I beat the sun to its spot in the sky. It was a high I had never felt.

Standing there sleep deprived, looking closer to a wild animal than a human in the numbing cold, watching ash and hot embers roar into the air, lit a fire inside me. Maybe it was the overwhelming feeling of accomplishing something. The superpower that comes from standing above the clouds like a fucking superhero. Or the fact that I did something I never thought I’d do, but I knew then that I was meant for more. That I could do more than whatever I had been doing.

Before I had started this adventure, the only thing I knew was that I wanted to do it, and I was going to do it. From there, it was just about putting things into motion. Booking the flight, scheduling the trek, putting the gear on my back and taking it one step at a time until I reached the fucking top.

So, if you find yourself stuck on the ground, unsure how to move forward, just start walking. Maybe you can’t see it yet or even dream of it, but the stars are within reach if you want them. The journey may be challenging, lonely, and cold, but it will be absolutely worth it. You just have to keep moving toward whatever fuels your soul. Whether it’s traveling solo, dancing your heart out or singing at the top of your lungs. If you follow what feels good, the roadmap leading you to your wildest dreams will begin to unfold in front of you. Soon you’ll find yourself high above the clouds like a bright star reminding others to close their eyes and dream a little bigger too.

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