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April 30, 2023

Kill All the Noise Around you & Get Shit Done

Buongiorno a tutti. Today I would like to share a few tips on how to get more shit done. The starting point is really to kill all the noise in your life. Instead of checking your social media every ten minutes, go to the gym and workout, spend time cooking quality meals, and read every book out there in the area of your expertise. These simple steps will help you accomplish victories every day and get 1% better every day at what you do.

Build that incremental momentum every day as this will get you ahead of your competition. As you eliminate this noise, you will automatically get ahead of the pack. Don’t check your phones 65 times a day. Focus on delivering more than everybody else. Let the noise distract and interrupt others. We already have signs that 2023 is going to be another distressed year, with a potential recession and financial instability. Yes you have heard me, another year of crisis. This is why we cannot afford to waste a minute and get distracted by irrelevant people or issues that would not contribute to our growth.

We have so much noise in our life that is preventing us from achieving those objectives that we absolutely need and want to. So, kill all the noise. Set priorities. Stick to them. Don’t listen to anything around you, including some of the benign advice of people that loves you and that may be preventing you from achieving your ultimate goals.

And again, there’s nothing like building confidence every day with results, with zero complaint, with more outputs and more progress. This will transform you. Yeah, and trust me I’m also a strong believer of positive affirmation and all that love yourself stuff, and life is beautiful. You need that. But you need to get to work and produce more and become scary focused.

Don’t look back. Get shit done. And every day, you’ll build a step towards your success. You’ll build that mental fitness and confidence that will make you bulletproof. So again, don’t let anybody prevent you from getting to work towards the best version of you.

Just kick ass and get shit done every day. Ciao

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