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May 17, 2023

Turning Modern Internet Annoyances into a Mindfulness Practice

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“I wonder how much of my life I’ve spent clicking Cookies settings buttons – they’re everywhere!”

I was on the phone with a co-worker while we were checking some website edits and he was getting frustrated with the relentless interruptions in our online experience.

And I could relate to his irritation – who hasn’t grumbled about those perennial privacy prompts?

Yet, it sparked an idea for how we could turn this potential bugbear into a moment of mindfulness and maybe even a seed of success…

Modern Tech & A Moment Of Mindfulness 

The online world is constantly changing and recent legislation laws have led to a sea of security and privacy notifications.

Although it’s a good thing the powers that be are keen to protect our privacy online, all those permission prompts can get a little tiresome.

When we’re spending precious moments of our valuable time clicking our privacy preferences on every website we visit, it can be tempting to get annoyed with the never-ending Cookies notices and the demands to accept or reject them.

But what if there’s a way to turn this thoroughly modern problem into a positive brain-training habit that would support our happiest success?

A Powerful New Success Habit

Few people would argue that our brains play a key role in our success.

The modern world is awash with tools and techniques to help us recondition our minds and train our brains in ways that will help us enjoy more health, wealth and happiness.

Yet many of these techniques require us to repeatedly perform a certain action, or develop certain habits of thoughts.

This can be challenging for those of us with busy lives and demanding schedules.

This is where those pesky Cookies buttons can help us!

Because these ever-present prompts can serve as regular, repeated reminders to perform our mindset boosters or brain-training rituals.

Here’s how…

How To Use Cookies Buttons As Success Boosters

Whenever you see a Cookies notification, instead of getting annoyed or frustrated with the interruption or delay, what if you use it as an opportunity to take a moment for your success habit goals?

For example, perhaps you’re trying to integrate certain affirmations or success mantras into your day and into your mind.

In this case, you could use the Cookies buttons as a reminder to call to mind your inspiring affirmation. Imagine how quickly it will become a part of your psyche when you affirm your chosen statement with every Cookies button!

Or perhaps you’d like to up your manifestation game by feeling the essence of your desire on a regular basis throughout the day.

This is the chosen practice of many healthy, happy millionaires and it’s certainly a potent practice for creating shifts in our lives – but it can be tricky to remember to do it when days get busy.

So why not take those Cookies prompts as an opportunity to close your eyes, take a deep breath and tap back into those positive feelings that can fuel new ideas, thoughts and actions?

Turning a daily annoyance into a success prompt can be a powerful habit when it’s repeated over and over and over again. And the prevalence of those privacy prompts is an opportunity to really make this mindset boost a habitual practice.

Turning Pattern Interrupts Into Positives

Cookies buttons are patterns interrupts – they stop the flow of our attention and jolt us into mundane tech housekeeping tasks.

Yet we can harness these pattern interrupts to reconnect with our visions and goals. We can turn what could have been an annoying diversion into a positive reminder to reconnect with what matters to us.

Integrating success habits into our lives is a powerful way to move closer to the visions and dreams that call us. Yet it can be notoriously difficult to establish new habits, especially when our old patterns of thought have been with us for a decade or two.

This simple trick of using Cookies buttons as prompts and reminders can not only turn a potential negative into a positive habit that improves our lives, it can help to deeply ingrain more inspiring thoughts and feelings that can fuel our paths to success.

Cookie Time!

So, the next time you’re about to click one of those privacy permission requests, can you take a moment to turn it into a success-boosting opportunity?

Calling to mind your favourite success mantra or visualising your dream life for a moment can provide a welcome reminder of what really matters amid all the busyness of modern life.

It can also reduce the potential irritation and frustration that today’s tech can sometimes provoke.

A double whammy of positive benefits, all from a simple Cookies button!

So, I hope you’ll give this little trick a go and see if it works for you.

Though it may take a little while for this to become an ingrained success habit, at the very least, it may make you smile as you remember this idea.

Imagine more success-minded millions and a calmer, happier, more positive online experience…

This is one way we can make the world a better place, one cookie at a time.

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