June 22, 2023

New Ways to Look at Negative Experiences & Inner Child Work.

“The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age. The most beautiful thing in life is that our souls remain hovering over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves. I am one of those who remembers those places regardless of distance or time.” ~ Khalil Gibran


Yes, dear poet, yes. As I breathe in your heart-centered words, I sense the common ground between us. You see, I do this, too.

I spend mindful daydreaming time remembering everything I loved as a child. I recall every person my heart responded to and why, the places I visited that brought serenity to my life, and every passion, longing, and dream I held close to my heart.

As I continue to dive into the personal growth adventure of inner child work, I am discovering that revisiting all the good memories is equally as healing as exploring the painful ones. Each unique branch on the wellness tree often leads to moments of enlightenment, inner peace, healing, and joy.

Two Positive Childhood Memories that Changed the Trajectory of my Life.

Age Three.

I remember the exact moment I sang a song about shoes in front of an audience, and I also remember the exact moment the song ended. I was only three when I performed for the first time and I didn’t realize that people get happy, smile, and clap after you sing for them.

I remember feeling new emotions. When I heard the applause and saw all the smiling faces looking at me, I liked it. A lot.

I liked receiving positive energy, and I liked making people happy. A wave of uplifting feelings stirred through my little being and a magnetic pull toward the vibration of joy and the satisfaction of being seen and heard spoke to the truth of what my heart needed. Even at three years old.

So, that was that. I was bitten by show business and the creative arts at three years old, and for over 50 years, my North Star has guided me to a professional life of singing, performing, recording, composing, writing, acting, smiles, applause, and the power to give and receive pure joy.

Fast-forward my life to when I was 15 years old:

I was introspective, preferred solitude, was innately spiritual, intuitive, imaginative, revered nature, still loved to sing, perform, play my cello, and write stories and plays long into the night.

At the same time, I was struggling to fit in socially, my self-esteem was shaky, and I felt directionless and lost.

In walked a gift from the universe. Morris. A brilliant poet, mystic, philosopher, and an immediate mentor.

Morris urged me to honor my introspective nature and intuition, listen to the cues and clues of the universe, follow life’s wisdom whispers, and adopt gratefulness as my mantra. He also encouraged me to continue my life with music and use it as a tool for raising consciousness and spreading the healing energy of peace, love, and hope.

He would say, “You have been blessed with many talents, my friend. It is your responsibility to share them. Don’t hide. Carve your unique imprint. Give back. This is the only way to reflect a spiritual thank you to the universe for the gifts that you have been given.”

Because of his guidance, every decision I have made along the way is about giving back, not hiding, sharing my gifts freely, and reflecting a spiritual thank you to the universe for all the gifts I’ve been given.

My mission statement is to “be love, share love, and spread love,” and everything I have done in my life has been inspired by this special human being and his meaningful messages.

I know that healing my childhood wounds is still in process, and I also know that there were magical moments that led me to beautiful people, places, careers, and the fulfillment of childhood dreams. Both are true.

When I witness my past experiences, behavior, reactions, and feelings through an objective lens, I see a strong, determined, persistent, resilient, compassionate, and empathic child whose heart of love continues to lead the way through good times and bad.

I will continue to explore inner child work until my last breath and I will continue to support her by exercising two constant tools.

Intentional visualizations and positive affirmations.

If any of the following positive affirmations speak to you, write them on Post-it notes, say them, think them, sing them, and visualize each word as if it is already true:

>> I matter.

>> I take up my full space in the world.

>> I stand in my light.

>> I speak my truth with clarity, strength, and love.

>> I change my life by changing my words.

>> My heart is open, and my eyes rise up toward the light of hope.

>> I stop. Listen. Witness. Forgive myself.

>> I shift my heart toward love.

>> I am a light-worker amid the darkness.

>> I follow the whispers of my heart.

>> Love is my only path.

>> I have the power to change my life.

>> I am my own champion.

One last footnote from my heart to yours. When we look at all our good and bad experiences, remember this:

You have experienced them, but you are not these wounds, badges, and labels. You have lived through them, and yet you are none of them. You are you. Growing, learning, and evolving.

You may have experienced deep hurt, abuse, discrimination, approval, a monetary raise, won the lottery, received an award, welcomed love, felt rejection, or received hate mail.

You are not any of these moments.

You are not the abuse, even though you were abused. It’s time to tell yourself a different story. A better story. One of survival, stamina, and courage.

You are not your cancer or your aches and pains. You are the breath of beingness and pure love and you are forever enriched by what you have learned about yourself.

Bring both the good and bad memories to the center stage of your present and future and put on new healing lenses in which to view your one life.

Remember, dear one:

Everyone we meet along the way becomes a seed for inspiration and healing. Even the people who hurt us. Especially them They teach us how not to be, think, and live.

My birthday is next month, but today is also my birthday. It is yours, too. Every moment is a new opportunity to bring joy, healing, forgiveness, acceptance, surrender, compassion, empathy, and love to yourself and to others.

It is also an opportunity to become the highest version of who you really are, to re-parent yourself, and to raise the vibration in the world toward love.


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