June 30, 2023

Opening the Door to Your Destiny.


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One thing we need to accept in this human life is that we ourselves agreed to this present destiny we are now living in.

This can be a really tough to pill to swallow.

Your life has been hard. You’ve felt lonely, neglected, and left out in the cold. You’ve experienced violence, hate, sickness, loss, and awful situations, and so much more. There are so many parts of your life you wish would have been different.

But they aren’t. This human life has infinite pathways, channels, timelines, and dimensions. You need to choose which of these you are going to travel. You choose this through intention.

In this article, I’d like to recommend to you the inner route as a great choice to take.

When we stop focusing on the external pathways, as the means to making progress in our life, and instead traverse the inner route, we can now go on a journey of asking questions inside of our own being, and if patient and calm, we will receive answers. These answers we receive inside of our own being are clues to aid us in the game we are playing. These answers we get when we travel the inner route inform us of our pre-chosen choices, that form our destiny. What we learn on the inner route will help us progress quicker and more efficiently in the human game at hand.

The answers you discover on your inner route exploration won’t be what you’re expecting. Instead, they will be full of a type of truth that requires grounded strength and stability to properly receive. The inner route is a pathway of quiet, personal contemplation. While traveling the inner route, we can choose to contemplate and ponder how we came to be the self we are in this moment, and we will get answers.

These answers will be in the form of images, songs, memories, words, inner knowing, and signs and synchronicities all around us. Instead of just playing the human game all willy nilly, you can pause, meditate, focus, and gain more information about who you are and where you are.

All of this information about who you are, where you are, and why you are here is accessible in your personal energy field, and in the collective energy field. The energy field is a storage system. Everything that happens gets stored in the unified field, unless purposely removed. We don’t need to be living in the dark, with everything being a mystery.

However, the information about the purpose of your life journey won’t just come to you. You need to sit quietly, and ask, and investigate. This is why there’s such a push for meditating in the human game. It allows you to simultaneously go deeper and broader to gain more information.

All of this information is accessible to you, due to the fact that before we incarnate there is a process of making intentional choices about your next life. I’m not cognizant to all the details of this process, but there is some sort of soul review, and we make choices about our next human life. These choices are what create your own personal version of the human game. These might not all be “good” choices, but they are your choices. There could be manipulation from others in how those choices come about, and probably some impulsiveness and misunderstandings are involved in this life planning process, as well.

But, also, there’s lots of positive stuff in this planning. There are people we feel love for and want to meet up with again, and there are missions we truly believe in accomplishing. In the end, we do sign off on our life plan and agree to be the person we are now and live the life we are presently living.

We might find ourselves dwelling in regret sometimes, wishing we could go back and have a do-over and design a different life. But we can’t. At least not right now while we’re still playing our current game.

The place that stores the written records of our life plan is called the Akashic Records. During my meditation process, I have traveled to the Akashic Records many times. The Akashic Records is a realm where all of soul stories are stored.

The details of all of this aren’t what’s important, though. The point I’m trying to make is that your existence is not random. Of course, even the best of plans goes awry. And all through our life things happen that aren’t part of the plan written in your Akashic Records. We are not living exactly to script.

But I do believe whatever is in your Akashic Records will keep pulling you. There is a pull to your destiny, and you feel this. There are goals, careers, places in the world, and people who are magnetic for you. This never stops playing in your mind and in your heart. You feel the importance. You feel the pull. You also feel the fear and the resistance.

There is no single right way to align with this destiny that exists in your Akashic Records, but the first step is simply acknowledging that you have a destiny. And that this destiny is important for you because you created it.

You created your destiny for a reason. That reason is you knew it was what’s true for you. This is the next level of faith and trust we’re striving to embody. Trusting that in the afterlife, you knew what was best for you, and you had good guidance and assistance in creating an effective life plan.

If we don’t trust ourselves in other dimensions, how are we going to trust our self in this dimension?

I imagine it can’t be easy to come up with this life plan. I imagine there are many factors taken into consideration, and that the entire affair of it is daunting. There’s a reason babies are born screaming. Now they have to do everything they said they were going to do. And they know it isn’t going to be easy.

We did it. We made a plan. We reentered the human game. We are here. And now we forgot everything.

When I was a kid, I went to a Jewish camp called OSRUI in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. OSRUI stands for Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute. The camp manager who ran the whole place was named Jerry. Jerry was in his 50s, wore small glasses, and had a neatly trimmed beard. He drove around the large camp property checking on everyone in his personal golf cart. He was always smiling.

Every Friday night, after Shabbas dinner, of chicken and potatoes, Jerry would gather the entire camp in the big community hall just down from the lake and tell us a story. We would all be sitting crossed legged on the floor in a big circle. Hundreds of Jewish kids in suits and dresses surrounding Jerry as he circled in the middle telling us a tale.

Before dinner, we spent hours getting ready, ensuring we were wearing our nicest outfits, as it was Shabbat and we wanted to look our best. The hall was quiet as Jerry spun his story, full of Jewish folklore. The smell of hairspray filled the hall. Us girls had spent hours getting our bangs just right for this Friday evening affair of food, flirting, and storytelling.

One night, Jerry told us a story about how when you are born, the angels kiss you right above your upper lip. He told us that in the moment you are kissed by the angel, you forget everything that has come before. Jerry pointed to his upper lip and said, “The indent you have between your nose and upper lip is the mark the angel leaves from the angelic kiss of forgetting.”

This is one of the incredible designs of the human game—all this magical forgetting. We forget who and what we are. We forget what happened before this present human life, and we forget our eternal nature. This makes playing the game difficult. But who wants to play an easy game, right?

This feeling of destiny is driving all of us, even though it’s hard to remember what the exact details of this destiny are. This feeling that there’s something we need to do is an ache we all have within us. This is our destiny, our game plan, our designed goals calling to us, all the time. Due to all this forgetting, that is part of the human game design, it can be difficult to be purposeful about our destiny—because we don’t know with our minds exactly what we’re being purposeful about.

Joseph Campbell calls the human journey the hero’s path. You are the hero of your own game, and the hero must go on a mission. The hero doesn’t know how hard this mission is going to be or all the obstacles they will face. But the hero just keeps going.

This is the path of our destiny. We don’t know exactly where we are going or where we will end up. But we know we are the main character in our own personal human game, so there are certainly going to be all types of scenarios that make it challenging and interesting.

I believe intention is everything. You set the intention of what you want to happen, and that intention is what decides the direction you will go. Intention is your controller in the human game, so you want to use intention well. Using intention as your controller means you can just decide you’re going in the direction of your destiny, without knowing exactly what that destiny is. Yes, this involves trust and faith—but what you’re really having trust and faith in is yourself. You’re trusting your own design and creation.

We all want to be able to manifest our dreams. Whatever those dreams are. We want to be able to take our hopes and desires and make them physical reality. But also, many of us don’t want to work too hard.

I don’t believe there’s any fast trick, no work option to ending the suffering of your human game. Manifesting your destiny won’t be effortless. This is not what the human game is. Any teaching that tells you it is might just be missing the point. The point is to complete all the challenges you set out for your self. And that means you will definitely have difficulty along the way.

To manifest our destiny all we need to do is set the intention: “I am opening the door to my destiny.” That is enough for the door now to be open.

And then you will walk the path of your destiny, and it will bring all the obstacles forth that you need to develop into the person you previously chose you wanted to be.


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