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July 27, 2023

4 ways to include sex education in school. 

Imagine a girl who belongs to a conservative middle-class family. She is a very bright student right from her childhood. Not only is she the topper of her class but she is also very much into extracurricular activities. In short, she is a multifaceted person. She is a girl full of passion and energy. That is the reason why her parents pay extra attention to her. It’s not that she is the only child in her family. She has a younger brother too. Her parents don’t discriminate between her and her brother. Her parents love both of them equally. In short, it is not wrong to say they are a happy and sweet family.

Everything was going fine. The girl was doing excellent in her school. Then came the most important part of her life. The secondary school exams. She slogged like anything. And her hard work brought results. She stood first in the board exams. Her parents were very happy and they decided to send their daughter to a distant city. A city that is the center of education. Since they used to live in a small town there were no good colleges. Sending her to a far-off place will be a good decision as she will get all the facilities. This is what her parents thought. And hence they got her admitted to a reputed coed college. But the problem was that the college didn’t have any hostel facilities. So her parents arranged for a girl’s hostel for her accommodation.

Days passed by! She did take a few days to settle but then everything became normal. She adjusted herself to the new environment. Everything was going fine!! Since it was a coed college she had friends from both genders. Slowly she became too close with a boy in her class. She fell for that boy. They both started spending time with each other. Be it going to college or tuition classes. They were always with each other. The reason was that the boy’s parents were not present in the house. Hence he thought of calling the girl to his house. And she agreed.

She came to his house. And they were very happy to spend time with each other. Both of them started watching porn videos. They were enjoying watching it. And then the boy started to touch her dramatically. At first, she stopped the boy. But then she also started enjoying it. And then something happened that should have been avoided. Both of them kissed each other. Then the boy pushed the girl onto the bed. And then the boy threw himself over the girl. She and the boy had sex with each other. Some days passed by and then she was facing some health problems. She was unable to understand that. She also missed her periods. She told the boy about everything. Neither the boy understood what she was going through. Both of them went to a doctor for a check-up. After checking her the doctor informed them about her pregnancy. Not just the girl but the boy was also surprised. They got confused. The boy left her alone. And this broke her heart into pieces. She was shattered. She was unable to find a way out of this. She was unable to understand how she would tell her parents about everything. And the society will say. That’s when she decided to end her life. She took an unfortunate step in her life. That’s “suicide

Thus came the end of a bright and lively girl. Her life would have been saved if her parents would have taught her about the term “sex.” She would have not gotten into such a situation if her school would have educated her about “sexual health.” Neither she nor the boy was aware of “sex”. They were also not aware of the consequences of having sex. Just because they heard somewhere the term “porn videos” they started watching it. Because that is the only way to stop young minds from becoming prey to “pornography” and other such things. If they have the right knowledge then they will never fall prey to the wrong things. Not just that they will also become aware of their “sexual health”. It’s a complete myth that sex education will only teach about sex. Because sex education has many other topics. Like menstruation, adolescence, sex-related diseases, sexual health, sexual consent, and many more.

Hence it becomes very important to make the children aware of these things. So that they can live a healthy and safe life. Because why not?  Read on to know the ways to include sex education in school:

Teachers should start with the basics: 

It is always recommended that sex education in school should start from the basics. Like how different subjects are taught from scratch and then it goes to an advanced level. The same goes when it comes to sex education in school. Teachers should make the students understand that sex education is not just about sexual intercourse. But it has other topics too that need to be discussed. For example, when a child reaches puberty age his body starts showing changes. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Teachers should make the children aware of the future stages. So that they can become ready for the future. And when it happens they will not feel embarrassed. School is where a child develops! Green Kid Crafts has made available varieties of creative products for children according to different age groups. This will help children in their overall development.

Telling the real names of Genital areas: 

School is the place where a child gets to know many things. So, it’s the place where he can get accurate information. And thus be well-prepared to face any hurdles in life. So it becomes very important that teachers tell the children the real names of the genital areas. Teachers may think that using the real name of the genital area is not the right thing to do. Because children are not required to know the names. But that’s not the case! Teachers should understand that children should be aware of their bodies. And genital areas are a part of the body too! Hence there’s no need to feel ashamed of the same. Teachers should give a similar message to the children too!! Because why not? Green Kid Crafts’ creative boxes for children are something children will surely enjoy.

Pictures and details- are a must! 

Children understand things better when the picture is shown to them. Using charts or pictures can help the children to grasp things faster. Hence teachers should not only tell the names of the private areas. But also show the pictures of those parts. And also tell about those areas in detail. This is how schools can make sex education informative as well as embarrassment free!

Telling children again and again: 

Children are not like adults. They absorb topics better when they are told in repetitive mode. Hence teachers should make sure that sex education should not be just introduced to them and then ignored. Instead to normalise the topic school should have lectures more often. So that children can become used to topics like “sexual health, sex-related diseases, puberty, etc”. One will find varieties of Green Kid Crafts kits made for children. The Green Kid Crafts kits are very engaging!

Sex education has always been an ignored topic. Hence it’s high time now that sex education should be included in schools. Because that is how a child’s overall development will take place. Green Kid Crafts houses amazing craft boxes for children. They are designed in a way that a child succeeds in unleashing his creativity. This will surely help in developing a child’s overall personality.
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