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August 16, 2023

Do you believe that we create our own reality and destiny?

Let’s understand how it really is from the Enlightened One….

Nobody is independent to do anything. There are so many circumstances – when they get together, things happen. When it rains, who is there in the sky making water? It is all natural. It is scientific circumstantial evidences.

Suppose we take a block of wood on which a lot of mud is stuck onto it and we put it in a pond of water. It will sink right down, isn’t it? Now, as the mud keeps dissolving, the block of wood will gradually come up. When all of the mud is removed, the block will float on water.


This is how the coverings on the Soul also dissolve. (Like the mud on wood, there is a lot of dust of karma covering our Soul). One after another, covering opens up and one is born as a one-sensed, then two-sensed, then a three-sensed living being (no one creates this reality, it happens on its own). One keeps taking experience and goes on rising higher in development. Until one comes in human form, it is all a natural development.


Then from human, one can become a donkey or a fish or in hell or can even go to heaven and be a celestial being. And when one attains Self-Realization, his wandering in four life-forms stops. It is all scientific circumstantial evidence. There is no fault of anybody. One circumstance pushes another, and another circumstance pushes the third, the coverings break and development happens.

The Development of Living Beings Happens Through the Management of Nature

In another example, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains:

The Narmada River that we have nearby, it flows through the rock cliffs, and it also flows through bluffs of mud. Where there are rock cliffs, its current is so strong that it even breaks off the edges of the cliffs. Consequently, rocks of various sizes fall into the river. If one were to get hit by such a rock at that time, then he would start bleeding; so sharp the rocks are! This is because the freshly cut pieces of rock that fall in the river are sharp-edged.


So, I will explain to you what the purusharth (efforts) of these living beings are. The nature of this river is such that it drags and pulls these stones within its flow. It carries on in this way. These stones constantly collide with each other, and upon travelling about ten to fifteen miles, they become smooth, shiny. They look as if they have been polished and they become marble-like in appearance, although they still have edges and corners. And by the time they pass through Bhadbhuja [an area located at a distance in Surat, Gujarat], they become so round (and smooth) that when people go on a pilgrimage, they are asked, “Bring home a shaligram (round stones that represent the lingam in the worship of Lord Shiva) for worship.” So people worship these rounded stones.


Similarly, in this world, all these living beings perpetually collide with one another. Nature pushes them along and they collide, and through the process of colliding, they are becoming ‘round’ [they are developing]!


Nothing at all has to be done. What can a ‘spinning top’ do? What can one do when he doesn’t even have control over his own bowel movement? The stones that become round from colliding over and over again, people refer to them as shaligrams and place them in temples! Those that become shaligrams end up as idols for worship, while the rest end up in the sea!


Upon taking birth in India, the ‘stone’ has become round and if [such a person] meets a Gnani Purush, the Spiritual Master, and attains samkit (Self-Realization), then they become idols of worship, while the others are cast into the sea!

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