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August 28, 2023

How many people in this world actually experience their true nature beyond thoughts?

How many people in this world actually experience their true nature beyond thoughts?

Only the Enlightened people, meaning those having Self-Realization, actually experience their true nature, which is beyond thoughts, words and actions.

One’s true nature is to watch what thoughts are coming. One is an observer. As an observer, they watch what are the thoughts coming. It is the mind’s function to give thoughts, and we are an observer of every thought – both the things are totally separate.

Is it possible to see one’s true nature without guidance from a realized person teacher?

And yes, it is possible to see one’s true nature only with the guidance from a realized person i.e. the Spiritual Master or the Enlightened One (Gnani)!

The Enlightened One teaches:

It (the thought) is an object (to be seen) and you are an observer. Don’t cancel it (the thoughts). Just watch what thoughts are coming and going. I am the knower and seer (observer). Then it is right meditation. Take Gnan (Self-Realization), then you will understand, ‘I am pure Soul and the mind is of John (please insert your name here).’ Mind never stops. We cannot stop the mind, we cannot control the mind, we can just observe the mind. These (the thoughts) are discharge atoms, and we are, as a Pure Soul, its knower and Seer.    

So we have to (as an effort – purusharth – after Self-Realization) keep equanimity, ‘I do not want to get disturbed by mind. I am just keeping an observation of what thoughts are coming.’ And it (the thought) will go. We are just the Knower and the Seer.

The real meditation (that begins only after Self-Realization) is that we have to just observe what thoughts are coming. Thoughts are coming through the tubers of anger, pride, deceit, greed (that are present within). Wherever we have given an opinion (in the past), it remains as a tuber in the mind. And now, the thoughts are coming through that mind. So, we have to just observe. Now, we have to keep awareness of the spiritual Self that ‘who am I and why this is happening?’

What is ‘I’?

I mean it is your existence. Suppose there is gold in its pure form. When mixed with copper, bangle or earring is prepared. It means the phases of gold have changed.

If gold would be alive, it would say, “I am bangle, I am bangle, I am bangle.” So, the goldsmith would say to gold, “Really speaking, you are not bangle, you are pure gold.” Likewise, John (please insert your name here) is a phase. And you believe, “I am John. I am unmarried. Then after some time, you say, I have done marriage. She is my wife. I am John, her husband. He’s my child. I am John, his father.” Thus, your phases keep changing.

But really, when you come to goldsmith, i.e. a realized teacher, he will say, “You are not John, you are pure Soul. These are phases only.” You say, “I become mad on my children (such is my nature).” The goldsmith will say, “You don’t get mad on your children. John got mad on his children. (because copper becomes green, pure gold never becomes green. Pure gold remains pure all the time.)”

Only after realizing the Self can One come into the true nature as the Self (Atmadharma).                                                     ~ Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

The realized teacher guides his students, saying:

“So here (in Akram Vignan), by giving Self-Realization, within two hours, we are changing your wrong belief to right belief, ‘John is separate. All this relative is temporary and the real is permanent.’ We are giving knowledge to you. You believe, ‘I am John (please insert your name here), I am mother, I am sister, I am daughter.’ Now, we are giving you real knowledge, ‘You are pure Soul. You are infinite knowledge. You are infinite bliss. You are permanent. You are immortal.”

So (after Self-Realization), your belief has got changed. In the past, you had wrong belief. Due to this wrong belief, you have charged atoms. It is called karma. In past life, you had wrong belief, due to that, you charged so many karma. Due to the charged karma, in this life they get discharged (as thoughts, words and actions). From birth to death, it is discharge karma now. Now you do not have any new wrong belief, you have right belief. So you are not going to charge any new karma.”

Hence, attain Self Realization (Gnan)!

After Self-Realization, while following the guidance of realized person (Gnani), it becomes easier to keep our mind separate because we realize that, “I am pure Soul and my true nature is only to see and know.” With this, our belief, ‘I am indeed the one who is having this thought’ also gradually drops.

So come, let’s go to the Enlightened One and enlighten our Soul so that we too, under the guidance of the realized person teacher, can actually experience our true nature, which is beyond every imagination!!! For details, please click on the Self-Realization tab on the homepage of

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