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August 22, 2023

Root Chakra Mantra Meditation

That I am home 

Where I have all that I need because all that I need is all that is already within me.

That I am home

Where my body shelters me.  Even if I feel pain or discomfort, I can feel safely and be whole.

That I am home 

Where I am secure with my emotions. Even when they are too big or intrusive, I own them and look at them to learn what I can about myself.

That I am home

Where my world is abundant.  I create the walls around myself but choose to instead build windows of endless possibility to share with others.

That I am home

Where my job and service to the world is valued and I am equally held and supported by the vitality of energy exchange and good fortune.

That I am home

Where I am replenished by the nourishment of food which I welcome to my place of existence with gratitude, daily.

That I am home

Where fear may darken my doorstep on occasion, where I welcome that unknown stranger through the threshold with an open heart so that it may step through and illuminate that which follows behind it.

That I am home

Where the welcome unknowns have a trusted space to become familiar.

In this place of shelter, security, safety, nourishment, and abundance.

For in my roots, I transmute the energy of the soil around me, no matter the quality, enriching my container.

I am able to change the environment around me with my own lovingly steadfast qualities which make me me.

That I am that I am.

That I am more than enough.

That I am everything possible.

I am steady, I am change.

I am familiar when faced by the unknown.

That wherever I am,

I am home.

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