August 14, 2023

The Magic Comes from Letting Go.

Trust. Allow. Surrender.

For several years, these were My Three Words (an exercise I learned from Chris Brogan years ago—selecting three words to guide your daily practice and year).

Chris recommends changing your words every January, but I went through a few years where I needed them to remain the same. They became my mantra. Keys to survival. They were part of my own evolution and perfectly fit the cycle of life I was in. My intention in sharing them is that they may support your evolution as well.

To trust is to let go of control and believe from within yourself that it will all work out.

To allow is to make space for support, knowing your Guides/ Spirit/Creator/Universe/Buddha/God (use the word that feels good to you) can see the things you can’t and handle the situation in a way that creates the highest good for all.

To surrender is to let go with faith that everything can be handled by the Universe, to drop all cords of attachment, to set it all down at the feet of the Divine, believing it will be done—better than your human self can conceive.

In order to surrender, you must trust and allow. Without these pieces, you can’t completely surrender. A partial release results in frustration and in statements like “I knew it wouldn’t work.”

Your fear will try to keep you protected. Your soul knows the power of surrender. Full surrender always works. It’s a heart-opening, weight-lifting release. It feels like magic, like energy buzzing through your body.

Worry grows fear. When left ignored and avoided, fear builds. Fear turns emotional rain clouds into dark storm clouds, then into destructive forces like a tsunami wreaking havoc on your life.

We carry the illusion that worry equals control and that by controlling a situation, the things we’re afraid of can’t come to fruition. But that is an illusion. Our worry, our fear can help us create the very outcome we’re afraid of. Where attention goes, energy flows, and we create the things we place our attention upon.

We think we have to hold tightly to the reins of our lives, but the magic comes from letting go. There is so much power in allowing, trusting, and surrendering. There is no room for fear in the space of surrendering.

Acknowledge your fears, thank them for trying to protect you, then release them. Watch their power start to melt away. Surrender allows you to float into higher levels of consciousness. You’ll likely find relief, forgiveness, love, joy, and serenity as you release the reins of control.

As a coach, I’m asked “But how?! How do I let go when there’s so much at stake?” (Careers, income, children’s health, their own health?)

So I ask, “Where has worry gotten you?” Sleepless nights, physical symptoms (we hold that worry and all those nonbeneficial stuck emotions inside our bodies, inside our cells), unhappiness.

Remember that the reins of control are a false illusion. Come back to a full surrender by aligning your heart and intentions with Source. Ask for guidance of the Highest Light to show you the way. Let go. Open your heart. Wash out the calcification. Invite in love, trust, peace, and beauty. You deserve each of these things.

See the hard parts. Open your eyes, find your courage, and look. Stop distracting and sabotaging yourself. Stop procrastinating. Facing your fears and worries removes the power of them. Rarely are things as bad as the image we’ve created in our minds when we look them directly in the eye. (For a little inspiration, check out What Do You Do with a Problem? by Kobi Yamada. It’s a children’s book, but the message applies to all of us.)

Remember that worry is energy placed in the wrong direction. You have the ability to shift your thinking. Use “what if” in the right direction. Move away from fear toward possibility.

What if everything works out better than you can imagine? What if you’re aligned, grounded, calm, and centered? What if you open your heart to the unexpected blessings of the Universe? What if it all comes together seamlessly? What if, what if, what if. Dream with this exercise instead of worrying and watch how your life changes.

As you trust, allow, and surrender, feel relief, love, peace, and contentment wash over you. You deserve to feel blissful, joyful, and at ease.

Grounding exercise for letting go:

Read this section, then follow the prompts/path (or record it as an audio note and play it to yourself so you can keep your eyes closed as you’re guided).:

>> Sit in a comfortable position.

>> Consider playing some calming music. Insight Timer has many beautiful songs at no charge. If you need some inspiration, check out Chris Collins.

>> Close your eyes.

>> Take at least three deep inhales (in through your nose, out through your mouth). Breathe so deeply that your belly rises with each inhale and falls with each exhale. Breathe longer if your mind is especially active.

>> Visualize an environment in which you feel calm and peaceful.

>> Imagine your bare feet on the Earth.

>> What do you envision beneath your feet? Sand, dirt, grass, water, stones?

>> Feel your feet against the earth.

>> What do you feel? How do you feel?

>> What else do you notice in what you’re envisioning? What can you hear? Smell? Feel?

>> Now send a grounding cord from the bottom of your feet deep into the center of the Earth. Feel the earth’s light and energy pulsing back up through that grounding cord into your body.

>> With your body fully grounded, imagine the weight of your worries—all the things that keep you up at night, distracted during the day, the frustrations, anger, panic, uncertainty, fear—all of it.

>> Now check in with your body. Where do you feel this weight in your body? Feel it, see it. Perhaps you see a shape or a color?

>> Grab the weight, the tangled ball of energies, and set it down. Imagine placing it at Buddha’s/God’s/Creator’s feet with gratitude, knowing that it will be taken care of, that these worries are no longer yours to hold or carry.

>> Say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

>> Trust that this act of surrender will allow you to release your worries.

>> Now imagine walking away lighter, knowing everything is working out for your best and highest good. Perhaps you turn and look back, bowing deeply with gratitude, knowing it is done.


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