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September 29, 2023

At what stage of life does one become aware about Soul?

The awareness of the Soul is a very big thing!

Once one attains the awareness of the Soul, the ultimate liberation is not far away. Ultimate liberation means liberation from the vicious cycle of birth and death.
But since infinite lifetimes, one has not had the awareness of the Soul.

The Enlightened One explains:

The fact is that every living being is a Soul

But what has happened is that the Soul is completely covered. There are numerous veils of ignorance over the Soul.

Suppose there’s a 1000 watt bulb. However, if 50-80 clothes are put over it, then no light of the bulb will come out. Inside, the 1000 watts bulb is complete, it has full light; but coverings are present. Similarly here, in case of every living being, at the beginning, it is a totally covered Soul.

When one Soul is liberated from this world, one Soul enters into the world

That Soul is in complete raw form, with all coverings over it. Inside, the light of the Soul is full. But it is covered with veils. Like when the diamond is removed from mines, it is said to be in its raw form; similarly here, the Soul is in the raw form, with all types of coverings over it. Such Souls are called ‘avyavhar raashi jeev’ in ‘Nigod’. There are infinite living beings in Nigod. When one Soul attains salvation, one totally-covered Soul enters into this world.
When little covering breaks, it comes into one-sensed living being

Then, when some more coverings break, it reincarnates as a two-sensed living being. As coverings continue to break, the living being ascends to a three-sensed living being, four-sensed living being, a five-sensed living being.

Then one reincarnates as a human. The coverings (over the Soul) keep breaking and the development keeps happening.

As coverings keep reducing, development happens

Upto human form, it is natural development (based on the Darwin’s theory of evolution). Thereafter, anger, pride, deceit, greed develop in the human form. That too is a part of development only.

Later, these anger, pride, deceit greed increase to a very great height; one has enormous attachment, anger, greed, pride, lot of fights and a lot of suffering. That is when one wishes to get liberated.

Then, religious development takes place

The purpose of religion is to attain the awareness of our Soul. Once this awareness is attained, spirituality begins from there.

When we attain Self-Realization, we attain awareness of the Soul

When one attains Self-Realization, thereafter new coverings shall no more come, and old coverings will slowly, slowly give its effect and leave.

When one attains Self-Realization, he is liberated from the bondage of new karma.

When he finishes all karma, then he gets totally liberated
When not a single covering remains over the Soul, the Soul is liberated then. This is a natural development process for everyone.

The Soul, with no covering remaining on it, such an Absolute Soul is called Parmatma.

Until the Soul is covered with veils of ignorance, it is called Jivatma. This signifies the state of ignorance (of the Soul, the real Self), the living being is in. And when all coverings shed off, the Soul is called Parmatma. This signifies the Absolute stage of pure Soul.
So, the same Soul is Jivatma until it is in the state of ignorance of the Soul, and after Self-Realization, it becomes Antaratma having the awareness of the Soul (the Self), and the same Soul, upon attaining the Absolute state is called Parmatma!

Thus, to conclude…

Every living being has a Soul in the body.

In the initial stages of its journey, no one is aware of it. Only when comes the stage of attaining Self-Realization, when one happens to meet the Enlightened One, he realizes that, ‘I am a pure Soul’.

When we attain Self-Realization, we attain awareness of the Soul.

However, the experience of the pure Soul is unclear and indistinct. Thereafter, in the shelter and guidance of the Enlightened One, our effort to attain a clear and distinct experience of the pure Soul/Self begins!

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