October 30, 2023

Goodbye Chandler Bing.

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I woke up today to the news that one of my favourite actors, correction, one of my most close-to-home and close-to-emotional-journey actors, was no more.

Matthew Perry.

I have no words to express how I am feeling, as with millions of people across the globe.

Sitting in India, from the age of 10, I grew a liking to a sitcom that became a part of my highs and lows.

I am not a part of any fan club or fan culture. I just always knew no matter what, I could turn to this series.

Most especially, Chandler Bing was someone I saw myself in, the use of sarcasm and humour to hide all the dysfunction in his life. The ability to just be there for his friends no matter what and the unbelievable spouse he was.

Being the funny one and always there for anything type of a friend myself, I always knew the story behind such a character.

The charms and smiles all hid so many deep conversations yet to happen.

And in real life, Matthew Perry was even more relatable.

Battling a tough addiction, dealing with a sense of isolation despite having a support team.

It’s so relatable right?

I too feel like in tough chapters of my life, even if I am going through something right now, no matter how much love I get from my spouse, close friends, and parents, I feel the mountain is made for me, and I have to climb it.

Matthew Perry’s life was a perfect example of how real raw struggles can turn you upside down, and how your love for others can still keep you sane.

Even when I am 54 , I will continue to tune into “Friends” and laugh at all Chandler’s jokes and just be amazed again and again at the kind of warmth he showed when Monica was struggling with one of the biggest adjustments of her life, infertility.

Matthew Perry, Chandler Bing.

You were my mirror on some days.

You were the friend I needed at 4 a.m. some days.

You were the light in dark times.

I truly wish that you are at peace in heaven because your healing had already begun and good things will happen from now on.

A fan.

A friend.

An admirer.



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