November 24, 2023

How to Become a Coincidence Magnet.

I have come to expect seemingly inexplicable coincidences to be a part of my everyday life.

As a few simple examples:

>> I thought about a friend I haven’t talked to in months or years, and they texted me, out of the blue, two-three minutes later (this happens a few times a month).

>> I said “I’d love to buy a vegan red leather jacket,” and I rounded a corner to see one in a storefront.

>> A long-forgotten, obscure song popped into my head, I changed the radio station, and it was playing.

>> I forgot that I had ordered something offline a week prior. It randomly popped into my head so I decided to check the mailbox and right as I opened it, the UPS truck pulled up behind me to deliver it.

And it’s not just me. I have many clients who work with me for a few months and then let me know that all of a sudden they’re having all sorts of coincidences happening in their life.

The word coincidence breaks down to co-incidence, just like synchronicity syn-, “together,” and khronos, “time.”

So coincidences are when there are a concurrence of events or circumstances that arise together, without apparent, causal connection.

But I can tell you from my last 10 years of studying and practicing healing work, coincidences aren’t happenstance. There is a causal connection; it’s just not one we can see with our eyes.

Coincidences can be explained, and moreover, are actually an expected result of transformational/healing work.

I’m going to explain what coincidence is and how they happen by using the concept of resonance, which is when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object instigates that second object into vibrational motion.

If I hit a sound bowl and I had another sound bowl tuned to the same frequency across the room, it would begin to vibrate. We can’t see the causal connection, but it’s there.

The Law of Resonance says that the vibration projected will harmonize with and attract back energies with the same resonance.

Now you need to understand that everything in the universe produces its own natural frequency or wave pattern—including you. Human beings are dense layers of vibrational frequencies compressed into form. We are both particles and waves.

In order to be resonant in our natural harmonic frequency, we have to be empty, like a sound bowl. If we’re holding on to memories of trauma, unhealed wounds, emotional burdens, negative thought forms, those are all going to disturb our natural frequency.

It’s like if I put a rock inside of a sound bowl, the resulting noise will be discordant. I’m not going to hear the responsive call of that sound bowl across the room that’s tuned to the same frequency; I might not even know it’s there.

These blockages and burdens are distorting our energetic field, such that we’re no longer coherent; our original harmonic vibration can’t vibrate out into the world and attract back the same resonance. The discord attracts more of itself and calls back things like dis-ease and chaos. 

Through healing work, we’re removing these disturbances so that we can be in flow with the universe and what is meant for us can ease-fully find its way to us, just like the color and fragrance of a healthy flower produces vibratory information to attract insects for pollination. Or like how the ripples from dropping a pebble in a pond will go much further if the water is still rather than choppy.

When we remove the disturbances, there is no limit to how far our harmonic resonance can extend out in the world and call back the energies with the same resonance.

That’s why the more healing work you do, the more you coincide with life itself, that which serves life, and the more coincidences you can expect to experience. 


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Read 5 comments and reply

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