November 20, 2023

I Bet You Never Knew This About the Law of Attraction.

If you can master the Law of Attraction, you can manifest some pretty cool stuff.

The Law of Attraction states that which is like unto itself is drawn. 

This means like attracts like and what you focus on becomes your personal reality.

The Universe is a big mirror. The quantum field is like a huge echo chamber. What you put into it (your personal electromagnetic signal), you receive back. This is because the Universe loves you so much, it denies you nothing.

If you think, “Man, I’m broke!” the Universe will mirror your belief about yourself by sending in more experiences, people, and circumstances to support that belief. This is because you keep focusing on it, so you can’t think beyond your current position. Your brain chemistry acts the same way when you have a negative thought.

Everything is about how you’re projecting your own consciousness.

Some folks in spiritual culture suggest we are “tested” by the Universe, but this is a misunderstanding. The Universe doesn’t test, it just says, “Yes!”

What you truly believe about yourself gets mirrored back to you, and the state of your life is your feedback on what’s going on inside.

If the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, then something else must be true.

When you’re vibing high on positive (or resonant) thoughts—which is changing the chemical signature of your body thus creating a new electromagnetic signal—you are also actively repelling dis-resonant (or “negative”) thoughts.

The Law of Attraction works two ways: it draws more of what you’re focused on to you while simultaneously repelling anything that doesn’t match that vibration away from you. 

When you are feeling wealthy, you are repelling feelings of lack.

When you are feeling love, you are repelling feelings of shame or guilt.

When you are feeling compassion, you are repelling feelings of comparison.

Whatever state of being you’re in (your chemical signature) creates your perception of reality.

Does this mean you’ll never come across an angry person while daydreaming about your future house? Nope. But it does mean you won’t be sucked in by their energy field, nor will it be interesting or relevant for you.

You have way more control over your experience than you’ve been taught.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “When you say, ‘I am,’ you are directing a chemical and energetic destiny.” This means more of that belief will be created, both in your body and in the field at large.

If you say, “I am lost,” you are literally painting your future experience with that color.

Understanding the power of your statements and thoughts gives you more awareness to change these beliefs at the moment. How about saying, “I am finding my way all the time,” and see how it changes your experience?

As you practice the Law of Attraction more, remember this new important piece.

This will make the practice stronger for you, especially because your conscious mind has a deeper understanding of what’s going on.

Remember: like attracts like while also repelling any dis-resonant energy simultaneously.

And you get to choose what gets bigger.

That’s how powerful you are!


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