November 3, 2022

Why “Positive Thinking” is not Enough to Manifest your Dream Life.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen and heard the phrase, “Your thoughts create your life.”

And I can’t tell you the number of times this has failed to help me create lasting change.


Because manifesting what you want requires understanding another key ingredient: your emotions.

While it’s true our thoughts are a massive piece of the puzzle (and are the precursor to where we place our focus), they alone cannot produce a new outcome.

We have to combine those thoughts with an emotional “charge.” We must get excited about what we are creating—in our minds and bodies.

Think of your thoughts as an electrical charge and your emotions as a magnetic charge. You need both to communicate effectively with the quantum field of potential energy to create a new event (or reality) in your life.

For years, I relied on my thinking alone and expected stuff in my life to change.

And while some new things did pop up, it wasn’t consistent or repeatable. I felt like a bad manifester, and it was destroying my confidence.

Then I picked up a copy of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and my entire perspective and comprehension of manifesting shifted. Thank God!

Dr. Joe’s biggest lesson is that thoughts create an emotional “signature” that we then broadcast to the quantum field. The quantum field is a big mirror that reflects anything you send out.

The quantum field (and your subconscious mind) has no sense of humor and no opinion. If you send out a signature of suffering, you’re going to attract more experiences that bring you that state of being—in other words, you create more things to suffer about.

Our subconscious mind is running the show—95 percent of it to be specific. And the subconscious mind is a treasure trove of every single thing that has happened to you, thus shaping who you think you are.

As Dr. Joe says, “Your brain is a relic of the past.” It stores everything that’s already happened to us. And for many people, we don’t create the future we want in our minds—we simply rehash the past by constantly thinking about it. This creates the same humdrum reality again and again because the emotional signature being sent out is not matching the new thoughts someone is trying to think.

You cannot think one thing (“I am wealthy”), while feeling another (“I feel poor”) and expect the physical reality to change. It won’t work. You have to get your mind and body in sync, and to do that, you must un-memorize any emotion that doesn’t feel good.

Most of our thoughts (and the memorized emotions associated with them) come from the subconscious mind while we observe the outside world. Tara Brach describes this as “the trance” because many of our reactions are so automatic, they resemble an addiction.

People are addicted to thoughts that don’t serve them. Those thoughts create emotions that don’t serve them. Those emotions create a state of being that doesn’t serve what they say they want.

Did you know that every time you have a thought, you create a chemical? Well, you do.

That chemical is sent to your cells where it attaches to a receptor, causing the cell to “express” that chemical.

If you have a stressful thought, you create a stress chemical. If you have a loving thought, you create a love chemical.

Depending on the chemicals you create and the way the cell expresses it, you create a state of being—or the way the chemical is causing you to feel.

That state of being from the body is sent out as a signal to the known universe. The universe receives it and loves you so much, it sends back a matching signal because it denies you nothing. What you send out, you get back.

Let’s back up and talk a little about quantum physics.

Before you click off (because physics class made a lot of us petrified), hear me out—because this is what changed everything for me.

Every person on this planet is responding and reacting to the physical reality—their body, their environment, and their sense of time.

But, get this: the physical reality is old news. It’s already happened, and in terms of manifesting, it’s a completed job.

When we continue to base our responses on what is already here, we get into trouble because most of this Universe is 99.999999 empty space.


Why aren’t we focusing on the empty space that can become anything we want versus the stuff that’s already here? Because no one told us to!

For all our lives, we have been conditioned to believe that what we see is the end all and be all. But that is a load of sour lollipops.

What we can see is a small percentage of what is out there. And if we continue to react and respond to what is already here, we won’t create anything new.

Let’s go back to those emotions we’ve stored in our cells. We’ve practiced them so much, our cells have become addicted to them. They like the signature of fear, anger, and suffering we’ve been feeding them. They don’t want to go to rehab because they like everything the way it is.

Here you come with a new slew of positive thoughts, ready to ruin your cells’ day. You want to create a new life, so you make a point to say some affirmations and meditate. You’re feeling pretty good for a few hours.

But then, those positive affirmations don’t feel like enough because your cells want to express the signatures they’re used to —fear, anger, and suffering. Now, your thoughts follow suit and you hear the same old stuff:

“You can’t change and this won’t work.”

“This is too hard. Leave it and try tomorrow.”

“I’m so tired. I’m just gonna play some video games and come back to this later.”

“You’re a loser. Just stop it. Go get a beer.”

Ding! Ding! Ding! Your cells just won you over. They got their way. Now, you are expressing fear, anger, and suffering again, and all feels right with the world (to your cells, anyway). The addiction prevailed.

Because of this, you unconsciously send that same signature out into the field and it responds with more things for you to feel bad about. The field loves you so much, it denies you nothing.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on the signature I send out. My conscious awareness of how I feel has given me insight into my patterns.

There’s another piece of the puzzle I should mention here: we must ask the quantum field to surprise and delight us with a new result. If we are not a bit shocked, we didn’t create anything new.

So, to recap, creating new events in your life requires you to:

Create a new thought > a new emotional signature > a new chemical sent to the cell > a new expression of emotion from the cell > a new feeling in your mind and body > a new state of being > a new broadcast signal into the field > a new event or experience is mirrored back.

This article in no way touches on all the important points in Dr. Joe’s book, but it should give you a framework to start from.

I highly recommend picking up a copy and grabbing your favorite highlighter.

You may just learn how to effectively and permanently change your life.


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