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November 27, 2023

Through Constriction

I find when I am in a state of constriction then I get stuck in loneliness and resentment, or maybe the need to be alone.

Constriction closes me off the possibilities and pushes me into hibernation. When I begin to be aware of this constriction, I seek out time and reasons to be alone. In this time alone, I work out the feelings and events that push me into this feeling of constriction. Then I emerge open on the other side.

So ultimately, when I feel constricted, I’ve come to know that it is time to go to a cabin for a few days and be alone. It is an opportunity to slough off the binders that I, most likely, put on myself, for whatever reason.

After stepping out of my life, I come back to myself being able to expand and grow by working through such constriction.

As I write this, I realize the constriction is more cocooning, because I am outgrowing the person I am. It tells me that it is time to go inward, to expand and morph into who I continue to become.

Wow! That didn’t go as I thought it would~

Without constriction, I wouldn’t feel the need to go deeper within to explore the “boredom” I am experiencing. The constriction moves me to question, to surrender to the pulse of the constriction, and see what wisdom is birthed through the isolation of the era. As the pulsing propels me into a new way of being – the binds loosen, and the world opens to all the new possibilities of my being. Without the constriction, I would not feel the urge to grow and expand. I need this constriction, almost crave it, in all it’s good timing.

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