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November 20, 2023

What happens to emotions when a person becomes Awakened?

A person is said to have been awakened when he attains Self-Realization.

What happens when a person becomes awakened?

When you attain Gnan (Self-Realization) from the Gnani Purush, ignorance (of the Self) is lifted. On the path of Akram Vignan, which is a stepless path to Self-Realization, through the scientific experiment of separation of ‘I’ and ‘My’, Gnani Purush breaks those layers of ignorance and the direct light of the Soul starts. And through that direct light, you can experience your Soul (the Self).

In Akram Vignan, first of all, you get the awareness of the separation of the two elements, ‘I am a pure Soul. I am totally separate from John (please insert your name here). This mind, speech, body, intellect, ego, all wrong beliefs, (all emotions stemming from) anger, lust, greed, pride is of John. This is all non-Self, it is relative.’ You get separation that everything is happening in relative (John), not with you, the Pure Soul. With this awareness, one cannot charge new atoms (which give rise to emotions) now. The atoms which have yet to be discharged are there and they get discharged on their own (it happens!). The pure Soul just watches what is going on. There is just the presence (of the awakened Soul), watching everything as the knower and seer (the function of the Soul is to only see and know).

You do not get involved into anything. If anything wrong happens (on you becoming emotional), you get the repentance (pratikraman) done (by John). You get separated and finish all discharge karmas. If you remain separate, then you can feel the happiness (real happiness stemming from pure love).

What happens to emotions when a person becomes awakened?

Let’s understand this from someone who is awakened, and hence has experienced it. Here’s a conversation that a seeker like us had with Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an Enlightened being…

Questioner: It is believed that where there are more feelings, there is more love.

Dadashri: There is no love there at all! It is all illusory love (moh) and attraction. There is no such word as love in this world. To even utter the word love is wrong. It is all illusory love (moh) and attraction from within.

Questioner: Then what are all these feelings and sentiments? Can you please explain?

Dadashri: All this sentimental behaviour falls under emotions. When a person does not remain in motion, he becomes emotional.

Questioner: In English language, there are two words — ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’.

Dadashri: Yes, but ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’ are two different things. Sentiments and sentimentality fall under the ‘emotional’ because they cross the boundaries of normality. As long as there is any degree of sentimentality, and as long as there is illusory love (moh) and attraction, the person will have tension and it will show on his face. I have love, which is why I live without any tension. No one else can live without tension. Everyone has tension. This whole world has tension!

There is no emotion in love!

Dadashri: Love is pure. What would happen to the passengers in a train, if the train were to become emotional?

Questioner: There would be a problem. There would be an accident.

Dadashri: People would die. Similarly, when a person becomes emotional, innumerable organisms die within that person’s body. He becomes responsible for it. There are many such responsibilities that arise when one becomes emotional in this manner.

Are-they-still-felt? If so, how are they managed and when are they considered valid or not?

Dadashri: Just as the actor acts realistically in a play, (when you become awakened) you should perform your role in life with the same degree of conviction. Even the audiences of the play become convinced that there were no flaws in his acting. The feelings displayed were all for the sake of the play. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, I do understand.

Dadashri: So, say to your son, ‘Son, come here and sit with me. Besides you, I do not have anyone else.’ I too used to tell Hiraba (Dadashri’s wife) that, ‘when I go out of town, I miss you. I do not like being away from you.’

Questioner: Hiraba would even believe that.

Dadashri: Yes. It is the truth. But internally I did not let it touch me.

Dadashri: The Gnani Purush has feelings, but they do not touch him internally. He remains as He is, separate and natural. There is no rule that requires that the feelings be felt internally and touch the Self (the Soul). How can a person be called a human being if he has no feelings?

Questioner: You said that even you have feelings. You have also said that your feelings are like ours, but higher than ours, because they are for everyone.

Dadashri: Yes, I have feelings. I can never be without feelings.

Questioner: And yet these feelings do not touch you?

Dadashri: Yes, I allow these feelings to sit where they belong naturally, in the non-Self (John), the foreign department. Whereas you make the mistake of letting them sit in a place, which is not natural for it, the realm of the Self (the home department i.e. the Soul).

Questioner: Please clarify that demarcation.

Dadashri: One needs to keep separate the foreign (non-Self or John) and the home (Self or the Soul). Keep that which belongs to the foreign department in the foreign department, do not bring it home. Whatever goes on in the foreign department, the non-Self should not be allowed to touch the home, the Self. Enter the home after leaving everything in the foreign department.

Questioner: But under the force of the feelings, it is difficult to maintain this separation between foreign and home.

Dadashri: Why would it not remain separate for the ones who have taken Gnan (Self-Realization)?

Questioner: I want to understand how you apply that.

Dadashri: I leave the feeling in the foreign department and then enter the home department. If the feeling tries to enter I say, ‘sit outside’. Whereas you folks say, ‘come on in my dear, welcome’.

The Results of a Detached State

Dadashri: People tell me that I worry about them. That is true, but they do not realize that I do not allow those worries to touch or affect me. Worries can debilitate a person; take away his energies, whereas one can do anything if he does not have worries. Worries can destroy a man. So I do everything superficially and do not allow worries to touch me.

Questioner: So really, you would not do anything. If a Mahatma were suffering deeply, would you not do anything?

Dadashri: Of course I would! But it would be superficial. By superficial, I mean that all the work is being taken care of, but it is taking place in the foreign department. I would not let it affect me. Everything that the relative-self (John) needs to do should be done. One should let all the external processes take place, but without any worries. On the contrary, things become ruined by worries. Are you really asking me to worry? When you let something affect you, you become involved and the separation of the foreign and home department gets blurred, and you will not accomplish what you set out to do. This is how everyone in this world reacts and that is why nothing is achieved in this world. When I do not let it affect me, it is a protection for the other person and for me also. This is what I mean by the term ‘safe-side’. I have experienced that the outcome is not good when I let it affect me. I lose my energies and the other person’s work does not get done. And if I do not let it affect me, then the strength of the Self, the energies increase and the other person’s work is done. This science is love itself. There is no anger, pride, attachment and greed (emotions) in love. If any of these exist, then it is not love.

Questioner: Everyone in the world is searching for pure love but in vain.

Dadashri: This is the path of pure love. This science (Akram Vignan) of ours is void of desires of any kind. This is the path of pure love. Such a path cannot be found in this era of this time cycle and it is indeed a wonder that it has arisen.

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