November 7, 2023

Why Curiosity is so Important.

Curiosity opens us; it opens up space.

With curiosity, we can look at what’s happening within us and what’s happening outside of us and question it.

We can question what we see, what we feel, and what we believe.

Is what we see true for us? Does it resonate with us?

We can examine ourselves, our own thoughts and beliefs. We can look at the things happening around us and see through more-opened, less-filtered eyes.

We can question and discover and learn.

Often in life, we move almost on autopilot—acting, moving, doing, and having similar thoughts and feelings and reactions to the world.

We just think we feel what we feel and believe what we believe, and we don’t question it—until we do. Until we understand that we can question it, until we become aware, until we understand that we can watch, learn, observe, and question what’s happening within us.

Do our thoughts resonate with us? Are our beliefs what we want to believe? Where did our beliefs come from? Do we really believe what we think we believe?

How do we feel about what’s happening in the world? With a curious, inquisitive mind, we can come to our own inner truth rather than automatically following along with the words or ideas of others. We can take the opportunity to research and learn and come to our own, informed opinions.

It can be easy to allow ourselves to fall into certain patterns, to assume we automatically think a certain thing because we identify ourselves in a particular way. But do we really? Does it really ring true for us? It’s important to look within, to examine the truth in our heart, to see how we really feel.

When we look within, we may begin to see that our thoughts and beliefs aren’t ones we consciously chose. They may be ones we never would have consciously chosen.

We can shift our beliefs, but it starts with awareness.

With curiosity, we can become aware.

When we can open our eyes, become curious and interested, we may be able to observe things we’ve never seen, learn things we’d never known. We may discover our own filters, our own distorted perceptions and beliefs.

Curiosity allows us to open. It allows us to learn. It opens up space. It opens up opportunity.

We can become more grounded, rooted, centered in the truth of who we are; we can align with what genuinely resonates with us.

We can learn more about ourselves and how we want to move in the world.

We can expand our thinking; we can shift our beliefs.

We can see our own patterns and habits and tendencies.

We can discover our own filters and blind spots and see the things we’d like to change.

Curiosity opens us up to the world and to ourselves.

Curiosity allows us to see and learn and discover.

Curiosity opens up space; it opens up opportunity.

Curiosity opens us.

It helps open our eyes.

It allows us to see.


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