December 23, 2023

5-Minute Sanity Savers we all Need for a Magical Holiday.

When the Holiday Magic feels more like Holiday Mayhem, it’s time to take a beat, tune in, and sense-check before you unleash your inner Grinch on your kids, the dog, and maybe even the gingerbread house!

I know it can get overwhelming when you’re already juggling corporate deadlines with school concerts, baking cookies while wrangling elves (both the tiny, pyjama-clad kind and the ones wrapped in cellophane at the supermarket), not to mention demanding in-laws and clients who want everything delivered before close-of-play on Christmas Eve.

The pressure to make everything perfect can feel suffocating. There’s always “one more thing,” another ornament to hang, another gift to wrap, another plate to bake. Your never-ending to-do list just keeps getting longer, and it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of it all. But, before you find yourself morphing into the Grinch, complete with a sugar rush meltdown worthy of Willy Wonka, try these quick and easy reframes.

And don’t worry, these aren’t long, windy-processes that you need to add to your to-do list; instead think of these rituals as a little sprinkling of pixie dust on your day-to-day chores that will transform the mundane into magical and help you regulate your nervous system so you can show up as the calm, cool, and collected queen that you are.

1. Morning Mantras for Body Bliss: Forget morning mayhem! Ditch the alarm’s banshee shriek and start your day with a five-minute body bliss. Before the to-do avalanche hits and you launch yourself out of bed, take a breath, ground yourself, and whisper gratitude to your amazing body. “Thank you, heart, for beating tirelessly through the night, guiding me back to my true self. Thank you, lungs, for filling me with vibrant air, the fuel for my dreams.” This simple shift, from autopilot to appreciation, sets the tone for a stress-free, empowered day. It’s oh-so simple shift, and a great one to start teaching your kids.

2. Mojo in a Mug: Ah, your morning coffee (or tea or matcha) routine. Usually a zombie shuffle to the kettle, a bleary-eyed autopilot process to get you the caffeine kick you need to start your day. What if instead it could become a sacred act, a chance to be in communion with your soul? Let each step of the process become an invitation for presence, mindfulness, and gratitude. Grind beans with mindfulness, savour the gurgle of the kettle, and feel the warmth of the mug in your hands. Whisper your hopes into the steam, and let your coffee be the elixir of your dreams. Infuse your day with your own brand of badass brilliance.

3. Gridlock Glow-Up: Did you know you spend an average of 5 months of your adult life waiting in lines? Imagine if you used that time mindfully to set intention and lean into gratitude, instead of letting frustration win. Turn your gridlock into a portal of hidden magic. Shift your lens. Notice the sunbeams dancing on the windshields and the laughter of children in the car next to you. Find 10 things to be grateful for—the patient driver letting you merge, or the air conditioning keeping you cool. Get crafty. Visualise a smooth journey to school pick-up. Use the pause to dream, plan, or simply let your inner light shine through the brake lights.

4. The Art of Introspection: Feel like your body’s a runaway train hurtling through life with the gearshift stuck on “anxiety”? Step off the hamster wheel and reclaim control. Scan your body from head to toe, paying attention to any sensations you notice. Is there tension in your shoulders? A knot in your stomach? Tingling in your fingertips? Don’t judge; just observe. What might these sensations be telling you? Are you feeling stressed, tired, or maybe excited? Your body speaks volumes; learn its language. Are you holding your breath during a challenging conversation? Does your stomach clench before a big presentation? Identifying these patterns can help you anticipate and manage your reactions. Respond with compassion. It’s okay to feel stressed, anxious, or even joyful. All emotions are valid. Offer yourself kindness and self-care. Practice a calming technique like deep breathing, gentle stretching, or a mini-meditation.

5. Reach out to your Community: Craving connection and support? Reach out to friends and family who you know can hold space for you when you’re feeling like you’re in your mess. There’s a special magic when we are truly seen, supported, and witnessed through the ups and downs of our journey. Having a community of soul-aligned people who are on a similar journey can help alleviate the loneliness we can experience around the Holidays. Being able to send a quick text or jump on a quick call when we’re in our feels, and knowing that we will not be judged can feel deeply healing.

Let these five-minute rituals act as your own pocket of pixie dust against Holiday overwhelm and mayhem. These are little check-ins you can sprinkle through your day to allow you to reconnect, refuel, and regulate so that you can show up as the calm and rested Sugar Plum Fairy instead of the Grumpy Grinch!


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Read 2 comments and reply

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