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December 1, 2023

Create a moon cycle spell for a specific intention

A moon cycle spell is an in-depth magical working that lasts a month and is focused on a particular goal, intention or healing. Creating a moon cycle spell for a specific intention can be a beautiful and meaningful way to connect with the lunar phases and harness their energy to manifest your desires.

Moon cycle spells can be much more effective than other goal-setting practices like New Year’s resolutions because they are more focused and intensive. They are also more easily adapted to changing needs and circumstances. If something doesn’t quite work out, or your desires change, you don’t need to give up for the rest of the year, you can just set a new intention for the next month.

If you commit to one new intention each month, you can work through 12 intentions a year, focusing on health, career, relationships or whatever else needs your energy most that month. Plus the spell gives you a focus for your intentions making it more likely that you will achieve your desires.

Each new moon I take time to assess my life and think about what I need right now. This could be a boost of energy and input into my career or relationships; but equally, it could be to focus my time and attention on releasing blocks, boosting my confidence or taking more time to rest or connect with nature.

Once I have a clear intention for the month, I set up a moon cycle spell dedicated to my intention. I then work with the moon phases throughout the month to plant the seeds of new growth and release what is getting in the way of me achieving my desires.

If you would like to create a moon cycle spell, here are some guidelines and suggestions.

1. Timing Your Ritual

To work effectively with the moon’s energy it can help to align your ritual with specific lunar phases.

New Moon: Set your intention and plant the seed of your desire.

Waxing Moon: Focus on the growth and development of your intention.

Full Moon: Amplify and manifest your intention.

Waning Moon: Release what no longer serves your intention.

I like to begin my moon cycle altar on the new moon, choosing a new intention each month. If you can’t do this on the new moon, the day before or after is just as powerful. If you don’t want to wait for the next new moon, you can start your moon cycle altar at any time between the new moon and the waxing moon.

You can also start a moon cycle altar on the full moon. Just begin with releasing what does not serve your intention during the waning moon and then move to planting the seeds of your new intention at the next new moon.

2. Choose Your Intention

Spend some time working out what would be the best intention for you for the next month. This might be obvious or you might like to meditate on or journal around the subject until you are clear about what you want to achieve. Your intention could be anything from love and healing to abundance and success. It is worth spending some time making sure you have set the right intention for you. You will be committing a substantial amount of time and energy to this goal so ensure it is meaningful and healthy for you before you begin.

Write down your intention so you can refer back to it over the month. You might like to write down some affirmations related to your intention or a chant that you can recite each time you work with your moon cycle spell. You can also think about anything you might need to release for your intention to come to fruition – such as fear, negative beliefs around the subject or low energy.

3. Gather Your Supplies

You will need a small table, shelf or surface to create your spell. This works as a kind of altar to your intention. Ideally, you will leave your spell altar set up all month. However, if you can’t work openly, you can keep your items in a box and set them up as often as you can throughout the month.

Collect together the items that you would like to include in your spell altar. There is a list of suggestions below but these are all optional. You can add whatever feels right for you.

  • A plate, tray or cloth on which to set up your spell, You might like to align the colour of the cloth with your intention  (e.g. white for purification, pink for love, green for abundance) but this is completely optional.
  • Candles (you can use white, silver, or a colour corresponding to your intention). You can use an LED candle or battery fairy lights if you prefer. You can either use one large candle, lighting it for a short time every day or as often as you can, or use spell candles or tealights, starting a fresh one when the previous one is finished.
  • You might want to include crystals associated with your intention, for example, rose quartz for love, pyrite or aventurine for financial goals, or amethyst for deeper spiritual connections. You can use clear quartz as a substitute for any other crystal if you don’t have the one you need. Alternatively, you can simply use a stone found in nature.
  • You can also include herbs associated with your intention such as bay leaves or basil for abundance, chamomile for peace, rose petals for love or rosemary for protection.
  • I like to include an image or representation of the moon (a small mirror, a moon-shaped object, a moon-phase poster or a moonstone crystal).
  • You can also add personal items or symbols related to your intention (e.g. photographs, written affirmations, symbols or charms).

4. Set up Your Spell Altar

Place your chosen altar cloth, tray or plate on the table. Arrange your items in a way that feels visually pleasing and spiritually meaningful to you.

5. Perform Your Ritual

At the appropriate moon phase, cleanse your space by burning incense, sprinkling salt, or ringing a bell. Alternatively, clean the area thoroughly in your usual way and open a window.

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Light the candles if you are using them and, if you choose, recite your affirmations or chant. Feel the moon’s energy infuse your intention with power. Spend time meditating or visualising your intention coming to fruition. Try to embody the feelings that will come when you achieve your desire.

6. Maintain Your Altar

Throughout the moon cycle, visit your altar regularly to recharge the energy. You can meditate, light candles, or hold your crystals while focusing on your intention. As the moon waxes focus on infusing your intention with energy.

7. Switch to releasing

At the full moon, the moon changes from waxing to waning. As the moon gets smaller, it is time to release what is getting in the way of achieving your intention. You may meditate or journal about this to uncover what might be holding you back. You can also change your affirmations or chant accordingly if you like.

You might like to make some notes in a journal over the month so that you can track your progress. These may be obvious results, such as a job interview, or more subtle, such as a lessening of anxiety. As the cycle comes to an end, you might like to start considering what you will choose for your next moon cycle altar so that you are prepared in good time for the next new moon.

8. Closing the Cycle

When the moon cycle ends, thank the moon’s energy and release your intention into the universe. If you can, burn down any remaining candles to complete the spell. Remove any items from the altar and cleanse and store them for future use. You can scatter any herbs in the garden or on the soil of a houseplant or put them in a food waste bin.

Reflect on how you feel the moon cycle altar worked for you. Sometimes, the results may be obvious – you may have got that new job or met that special someone. More often, though, the results can be more subtle. Don’t despair if you feel like your moon cycle altar didn’t work quite as you expected. Spend some time thinking about the past month and notice anything that did change. Maybe you felt a little more confident or made some moves toward improving relationships or working on self-care. All progress is worthwhile and you can learn from each spell so that you can improve your technique for the next moon cycle.

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