December 14, 2023

“The 2000s audacity of male ‘journalists’ was truly something.”

r/popculturechat - The 2000s the audacity of male ‘journalists’ was truly something.

The “Jennifer Aniston vs. Eva Mendes” commentary is particularly…insightful.

We’ve come a long way, baby—I hope?

Maybe not:

“I’ve seen so many TikTok’s recently of ‘boy hot vs girl hot’ or ‘boy pretty vs girl pretty’ and it’s almost identical to this, just with more modern examples.

I guess some things never change?”

For more awful perspective:

Meanwhile, in Maxim: “How to Cure a Feminist in 4 Easy Steps.”


Perfect summary: “This is just an mansplained version of the madonna whore complex.”

“It’s like women never stood a chance. I know it’s the distinction of what women find pretty and what men find pretty but the language he’s chosen to write this so … demeaning. Like women are [items out of] a catalogue.”

Good thing then that those aren’t the only two choices, and that we all have contradictions, and that life and particularly love can’t, and shouldn’t, be reduced to girl or guy “hot” attributes.

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