December 22, 2023

“The soil is integral to our well-being.” ~ Shelby Kaminski


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

In this episode of Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis, Shelby Kaminski educates Elephant readers about all things “dirt” and regenerative, from the perspective of her woman-owned entrepreneurial success, Edaphic Solutions.

“Building up the immune system of your yard and garden makes it so you don’t have to use weed killer because weeds don’t like healthy soil.

Weeds usually grow in places where there aren’t a lot of plants. So if you’re planting more plants, the weeds will be outcompeted and have nowhere to live and no food to eat. It’s using the forces of nature to help nature.” ~ Shelby Kaminski

They talk compost tea, glyphosate, spraying your yard, permaculture, and steam weeding vs. poisoning your yard.

“The soil is a living organism and it needs certain things. It needs food, water, shelter, protection, and care just like our bodies. Once people wake up to that, then maybe they start seeing the world in a different way and start making other decisions.” ~ Shelby Kaminski

A clip of our conversation: 

“All this excitement around the soil is going hand-in-hand with our health. They’re finding out all these things about the microbes in the soil and they’re finding out things about microbes in our stomachs…and they’re the same microbes!

We are made up of more microbes than we are cells…microorganisms that are constantly replenishing. It’s a constant cycle. They protect our skin, they protect our gut, they protect our intestines.” ~ Shelby Kaminski

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