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January 1, 2024

What does ‘Know Thyself’ mean?

Jesus Christ said, “Know thy Self.” And countless other enlightened beings too have said the very same thing. So what does this precious phrase mean? Come, let’s understand…

There are so many religions that different people follow in this world.

And the divine beings whom people worship and follow as their God or the head of their religion have not only attained their own salvation, but they have become instrumental in the salvation of others too. They have given people the experience of liberation, despite the bondage of the physical body (who we believe is the self), and have pointed out the right path for all to follow.

The essence of the principles of any religion is and has been to ‘know thy Self’, the real Self, which is the Soul (Aatma, God) residing within the physical body:

Saint Kabir: I believe God is far away but He resides within. I could not see him due to the deceit in my vision.

Sahjanand Swami: I could directly see the Soul from the beginning. I can also see it now. Not even for a moment do I lose contemplation of the Soul in any of my actions.

Jesus Christ: Know thy Self.

Mohammed Paigambar: God is one and he is complete in all of us. Neither is he born out of someone nor does he cause anyone to be born.

Vashishta Muni: Oh Ram! You are not the son of King Dashrath. You are not the King of Ayodhya. You are not the husband of Sita. You are God (Aatma). You are the Absolute Soul (Parmatma).

Shrimad Rajchandra: I do not belong to any particular sect. I am a Soul. The one who knows the Soul knows everything.

Dada Bhagwan: Nothing but the Soul is dear to me. The Soul is the greatest wonder of the world.

Lord Krishna: Aatmavat Sarva Bhuteshu. Oh Arjun! The Soul resides in the elemental form in every living being. So look at everyone as being the Soul.

Lord Mahavir: I am an eternal Soul with the properties of Knowledge and Vision. The rest are all outward desires living according to circumstances and not of the Self. The root cause of all circumstances creates a sequence of ongoing misery.

What a great fortune that even after so many years, this exhibit of the essence of religion gives life to the knowledge given by these divine beings. One has gained knowledge of everything except one’s own Soul. Lord has said that ‘The one who has realized his Soul, for him, nothing more remains to be known in this world.’

So, the real message for us here at this point is that after having passed through 8.4 million life forms, we have acquired this precious birth in human form. Even celestial beings earnestly await a birth in the human form because it is the only life form from which one can break free from the cycle of birth and death. That is why in order to fulfill the purpose of human life, everyone should seek to realize one’s own Soul, everyone should Know thy Self.

How to realize our Soul? How to know thy Self?

Self-Realization is very easy when there’s the Enlightened One present amongst us. There’s no money required nor any hard efforts from our side, it’s only His divine grace that does the wonder!!!

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