December 14, 2023

Why We Need Self-Love.

We need self-love for the simple reason that the frequency of love is really good for us.

The most healing force in the world is the pure awareness of unconditional love. This force has the ability to heal our souls at a deep level.

And even though touching into this quality of love costs no money, and when applied correctly is little work—we almost never do it.

We always have a story about why something should be different or is wrong in some way. There is a constant current of regret, disregard, and doubt channeling through us at all times, blocking this force of nature called love that can bring us so much benefit.

It seems that this type of internal love that has the power to change the world does not just emerge on its own. It seems that in order to cultivate this healing force, we must focus, apply effort, and really commit ourselves to embodying the frequency of love.

There are so many temptations all around us pulling us away from the frequency. Capitalism is the biggest one. This idea that we are going to find happiness in something we eat, purchase, or a place we travel to. Yes, you might find some temporary enjoyment. A day-long boat ride, a beautiful pair of shoes, or the most delicious croissant in the world. But this contentment and enjoyment will leave you when the experience is over.

This temporary type of pleasure is a drug. We have it for a moment, and then we lose it, and then we want it back. And we need money to get this pleasure back, and we will be unloving to ourselves and others in the course of getting more money to get the pleasure again. And now we are trapped in the cycle of turning to low-frequency means in an attempt to feel better. Now we are so far away from love. We are using non-loving frequencies to make ourselves feel good, and we are trapped in a cycle of lower frequencies that we can’t escape from.

But there is an answer to get out of this low-frequency cycle, and it is simply to sit quietly and cultivate a loving state inside of us. It isn’t a glitzy answer, and there is nothing to purchase or sell within this choice, and no one can make you do it, and no one can do it for you.

It is simply a choice that within your own being you want the energy and experience to be one of love, and you move yourself in this direction, and all of life tries to pull you away from that course of action, but you do it anyway for the simple reason the frequency of love is the best place for all of us to be.


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Read 3 comments and reply

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