January 16, 2024

24 Re-Soul-utions for 2024.

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As I am writing this, we are now two weeks into 2024.

I ended 2023 by speaking at an interfaith community I am part of, called Circle of Miracles. The topic was New Years Re-Soul-utions that touched on these concepts.

I began 2024 in the company of spiritual friends as we meditated, spoke about cosmic matters, enjoyed potluck food and each other’s company. What a warm and wonderful way to see in the next 12 months.

Some people create New Years Resolutions to motivate them to make positive changes over the next 12 months. I don’t, since, like most folks, they are out the window by February. Instead, I design New Years Re-Soul-utions. These are heart and soul lifestyle seeds that I plant, water, and nurture day by day. I ask myself what my soul wants me to know and how I can best serve myself and the world by affecting certain changes.

One of the things I like to do is to make a list of the attitudes and actions I intend for each year.

Here some of mine for 2024:

>> Live with a mind open to possibilities.
>> Stretch comfort zones.
>> Take time to be.
>> Do something every day that brings me closer to the life of my
dreams and desires.
>> Commit acts of kindness.
>> Set and maintain healthy boundaries.
>> Live in integrity, by keeping my word.
>> Say what I mean, mean what I say but don’t say it mean.
>> Laugh…a lot!
>> Be mindful in my actions.
>> Be a peacemaker and love bringer.
>> If I’m unsure of a decision, take my time and imagine various
outcomes before taking a leap.
>> Take care of my physical and mental health.
>> Advice I gave a friend: let the people who love me love me.
>> Express gratitude throughout the day.
>> Let go of what no longer serves.
>> Allow The Muse to fuel my creativity.
>> Return to teaching and speaking (as suggested by someone who
heard me speak yesterday).
>> Make room for miracles.
>> Do everything I can to bring about a Blue Wave in the next
election on all levels.
>> Sustain my current relationships and call in new and amazing
people. Treasure them all.
>> Work out my emotions and body at the gym—the Judgment-Free
>> Call in new well-paid writing and speaking opportunities.
>> Sharpen my mind, soften my heart.

What are yours? Feel free to share them here to inspire others and motivate yourself.


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