January 11, 2024

I have a crush & while it’s nice to be in honeymoon love again…

So I have a crush on a lady and she has a crush on me and she’s visiting me today for the third time (she lives away)

and while it’s nice to be in honeymoon love again and know my heart works still, despite and because and through it all,

I’m particularly excited to get to the point where we’re doing dishes and laundry and coordinating our days together and communicating about awkward things and being surprisingly kind or sweet or silly

and I bought her an old-fashioned yet hip dress from my favorite ethical eco fair labor Christy Dawn and she looks so heartbreakingly lovely in it

that all of life and its lessons becomes swirled about as if in a magical blender that reminds me of a quote:

“you figure life out by the time you die, might as well enjoy it, and be of service through it all, nevermind the bollocks”

and I mostly made that up, but not the good parts.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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