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January 29, 2024

Is it possible to escape karma?

The reason why we cannot escape from karma is because we don’t really know how karma is bound in the first place.

For example, one generally believes that we bind karma through our visible actions, but the fact is that our intentions bind karmas, and not the visible actions.

Every aspect of our current life is a result of our past life causes. These causes are in the form of the intentions that we’ve harnessed in the past life. And in the current life, when the effects of the past-life causes unfold, depending on our inner intention at that time, the new karma is bound.

For instance, someone is donating money to a charity. This is an effect of his past-life cause. What is that cause. In the past life, he would have intended, “One must help in the good cause. How I wish I could donate money to a charity.” With this intention, he bound a good karma, as a result of which, today he could donate money to charity. He cannot escape this karma; he will end up donating money in this life, and consequently, he will be rewarded by Nature also, by bringing good things into his life.

However, today while donating, if the person thinks within, ‘I don’t know why I am donating to this charity, I could use this money to buy something else for myself’, it means he is binding new karma, as a result of which, he will not be able to donate in his next life, even if he wishes to; rather he will use his money to keep buying things for himself. Or whilst donating if he thinks to himself, ‘I have given so little, if I had the means to give more, I would certainly do so’, then through such a noble intent, one sows further positive karma, which will help him continue donating for good causes in his future life.

This is how the theory of karma works!!

With good intent, one binds good karma, as a result of which he will receive good things in life, and on the other hand, with a bad intent, one binds bad karma, as a result of which he will have to suffer tremendously in his next life. And if one wants to escape from karmas altogether, it is important to know what is the root cause; why karma is bound in the first case.

In very precise terms, Akram Vignan explains why we cannot escape the clutches of karma. Let’s understand…

It is due to the wrong understanding of ‘I am the doer’. And this wrong understanding stems from the fundamental wrong belief of ‘who am I’. These two main wrong beliefs play a pivotal role in the ceaseless cycle of us accumulating new karma all the time.

To break free from karma forever, it’s important to understand our true identity and recognize who is truly controlling the world.

The wrong belief of ‘who am I’: We have a flawed perception of our true identity. However, this is a misconception. We are really a pure Soul, but due to our ignorance, we mistakenly identify ourselves as “I am John” (please insert your name here). And following this wrong belief, we believe, ’I am the doer.’ Don’t we say, “I had good or bad thoughts. I spoke good, I said bad words. I did good or bad deeds.”

The wrong belief of ‘I am the doer.’: In reality, the world is governed by the ‘laws of Nature’; no one is an independent doer as such. As long as we cling to this misconception that ‘I am the doer’, we continue to generate new karma every moment.

The first step towards breaking these two wrong beliefs is attaining Self-Realization.

How to attain Self-Realization?

By attending a two-hours session called Gnan Vidhi! Yes, it’s indeed so simple. Akram Vignan is a simple path whereby we attain Self-Realization directly with the grace of Gnani. And since it is with the grace of Gnani, it is totally free. Can the invaluable grace be matched with any amount of money? Never!

Here, Gnani puts in a line of demarcation between the Self (the Soul) and non-Self (everything other than the Soul that we identify with). This is called Bhed-Vignan!!!

Once this separation happens, then the two can never become one, and when they don’t get one, karma cannot be bound. This is how we can escape from binding new karma, forever. Yes, the old karma remains. When the time is right, the old karma ripens to bear its fruits; that is when we get freedom from that karma. But with the guidance of Gnani, the Enlightened One, as we learn to resolve our past karmas by remaining in the nature of our true Self and understanding who is the real doer, we become free from the past karmas as well.

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