February 22, 2024

Portrait of an Ivy League Swiftie with a Concert Ticket Sales Solution.

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I always thought of myself as a low-key Swiftie because though I love and admired Taylor’s ever-evolving catalog, I simply do not have time, as a single woman, to be an obsessed Swiftie who knows about every Easter egg nor do I have interest in trolling her exes’ social media accounts.

On the fan scale of 1. Fan 2. Groupie 3. Fanatic 4. Stalker, I sit at a healthfully rumbling magnitude of a 2.5.

I really only know Ms. Swift through her music and her interviews, and of course through her social justice impact, as I’m a full-time paralegal with two side-hustles: freelance journalist and western brand ambassador. And, of course, there’s also the fact that we were both born on the 13th, we are 10 years and 3 months apart in age (= 13), and hers is the last CD that this 1979 Xennial has purchased.

Until Spotify did its year-end wrap the last two years, I would have just thought I was an impassioned fan, as I enjoy rattling off Taylor Swift factoids that the average person doesn’t know about, but I do because I love following her career and growth as the most balanced Heroine, like ever.

Thanks to algorithms, Spotify enlightened me as to how big a Swiftie I actually am. In 2022, I was a top 4 percent Taylor Swift listener and in 2023, I was a top 7 percent Taylor Swift listener, or how I like to look at it: if Taylor Swift was an Ivy League University, I got in!!! Oh-M-G. Should I get a letterman jacket?

I was quietly over the moon and considered adding this iconic accomplishment to my professional resume or cover letter. Especially since, I accomplished this fifth college degree while I was beginning my first couple of difficult years of working at law firms: Nonprofit Law, Government Law, and Private Law.

I was utterly amazed at my high productivity (a Taylor trait to boot!) and the fact that I am one of the Swifties in the millions of Swifties that listened to “Mad Woman” the most! That was the #1 Swift song I had on repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I am a mad woman, mad about Swiftie in the most low-key, invisible way…but nobody really knows but me. This article is beginning to feel like a tragically sweet Swift ballad.

And with all of that, I still could not afford an Eras Tour Ticket. I watched it in the theater on my modest, beginner paralegal salary. And it struck me that there’s something inherently wrong and unethical about this—that one of the top-supporting Swifties who followed Taylor through all her Eras could not see her live. Say what?

So my proposed solution is that concert ticket sales be based on listening algorithms and actual fan support instead of affluence and monetary capabilities. I feel that ticket prices should be in proportion to how much you love, support, and admire an artist, not what you can financially cough up.

I also feel that if Ivy League Swifties were in the front row (for free?), Taylor could genuinely see who her biggest fans actually are—not the ones with the deepest pockets, but the ones with the deepest Swiftie souls working six or seven days a week, side-hustling ourselves to the Swiftie soundtrack that we think Taylor personally wrote for us masterminds working our paws to the bone trying to make the world a better place, one legal letter and one Swift song at a time.

Imagine if that’s how concert ticket sales worked—on an ethical scale that actually rewarded listeners and huge fans.

I know I’d love to meet and greet my fellow Ivy League University Swifties and see what they’re like! Where you at? Who are they? Where are they? Did you also tell your 49er friends that love conquers all like I did before the game?

Look at this historical tour, this movement that we accomplished together with our barrier-breaking Queen.



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