February 21, 2024

Signs of a Weak Moon in a Natal Chart.


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Do you have a Mother wound?

Even though Jyotish astrology is soli-lunar, in many regards, the Moon is considered the most vital piece of your karmic life map. The Moon shares crucial insights about your inner landscape and your internal realms.

The Moon (Chandra in Sanskrit) is the intelligence and intuition of each being. It is the nourisher of life, who offers soma, divine nectar. The Moon represents the universal MA and the Mother within, as well as your inner intelligence. Your natal Moon shows the wisdom and intelligence within your soul.

In the Jyotish chart, the placement of the Moon will show how aligned the being is with their sacred intuition. The Moon will share what nourishment is available to the being as well as how it will utilize its inner intelligence.

In Vedic astrology, the Moon is given great importance and is of equal (if not more) importance than the Sun in many regards. For if the Sun is strong, but the Moon is weak, how will the soul be nurtured and supported?

Moon is intimately connected to the Mother, the nurturing quality of life. Your natal Moon expresses your relationship with your mother, the quality of nourishment you are able to receive, and how nourishment has been passed through your mother’s lineage.

Your natal Moon shares the essential intelligence of life that gives you comfort, nourishment, emotional support, as well as your requirements for love and affection.

The connection of Moon to your emotions and your psychological state is not by accident. Your emotional body and its harmony is intimately connected to your relationship with prana, life force. How you feel makes for a joyful life, or a challenging life. Emotions move quickly—just like the Moon!

Mother gives the vital ingredients for sustaining life itself. Without her vital nourishment, you will be lost, misguided, and lack the ability to live life fully nourished.

Your connection to Moon, to MA, to mother, directly impacts your ability to live in harmony with life and feel the support and nurturing life has to offer on your dharmic path.

How well are you able to be nourished?

Your Moon sign is the determining factor of your nourishment and wisdom. Assessing the Moon in your Jyotish chart will share many important details about your inner wisdom, emotional body, the connection you have with your mother, and if you are able to receive sacred wisdom and nourishment on your dharmic path.

Weak Moon Problems:

>> Lack of confidence

>> Self-doubt

>> Trouble receiving all forms of nourishment

>> Lack of money and wealth

>> Problems with female relationships

>> Low vitality

>> Little to no visibility

>> Trouble getting needs met

>> Struggle with feeling emotions

>> Big emotions that feel overwhelming

>> Depression

>> Loneliness

>> Doesn’t see one’s own value and gifts

>> Over-gives at the cost of one’s own needs

>> Breast or lung problems

>> Stagnation in the heart or chest

>> Resists support and guidance

>> Chooses harsh or aggressive teachers and mentors

>> Mistrusts themselves and others

>> Feels disconnected with spirit and the sacred

>> Constant changes and disruptions

You can’t change what you don’t understand.

Through Vedic Astrology you can identify the deeper layers of your body wisdom so you can create lasting change—from the inside out.


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