March 21, 2024

The Best Thing I’ve Seen on Netflix in a Long, Long, Long Time. ~ Waylon Lewis

I don’t know about you, but I spent most of my time on Netflix looking for something to watch. Yes, I have taken the time to fill up “My List,” but it’s almost entirely things I’ve already seen on Netflix, or usually elsewhere, and liked, or loved…or things on Netflix I mean to watch, kinda, but never, you know, in the present moment. And so I go back to watching basketball, halfheartedly. I really should cancel Netflix, I think to myself, most nights.

Well, not the last 10 nights, or so. The Gentlemen, by Guy Ritchie, manages not to throw jump scares or gore or ridiculous awfulness at the eyeballs…and yet it’s full of elegance, mud, working class, travellers, posh…violence, intrigue, business scheming, and style. Lots of style. It’s gorgeous. Watch it.

It’s the best thing I’ve seen out of Guy Ritchie, one of my longtime favorites, since Lock, Stock, or Snatch, or perhaps UNCLE, with flashes of his brilliance in all his other films (Rock n Rolla is a standout).

It harkens bad to his old days and is great fun—enjoy.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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