March 6, 2024

The Many Faces of Love.


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Could you recognize love if she were cloaked in grief?

What about anger?

Could you see past the mask to find the face of your longing soul?

Could you look beyond the verdant canopy, beyond the tree limbs, to see the pulsating core at its very foundation?

When deceit darkens your yearning heart, do you realize that the knife is piercing the same place that was once a sanctuary for your affection?

Suppose that you do—imagine that you understand love in all her forms. Do you have the courage to admit it? To confront her? Or perhaps, to heal her?

Or do you flee?

Do you let the wound worsen, deepening with your denial, strengthening with your avoidance, and allowing a once vibrant tree to wither and decay?

I hope you find the wisdom to realize that regardless of her form—betrayal, anger, fear, grief—love is tied to one heart. I hope you learn to recognize her, trust her, and, perhaps, even allow her alchemy.

There is healing in your courage.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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