April 13, 2024

“95% of my own dear friends still waste single-use & fast fashion plastic every single day.” ~ Waylon Lewis {video, podcast}

“This is the first generation where we actually know we’re destroying the future for all future generations.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

In the latest episode of Elephant’s long-running, award-winning podcast and video series Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis.,..

Waylon talks about what, environmentally, he wishes he had understood more clearly 10 – 20 years ago. 

Plastic sucks: “Yet 95% of my own dear friends still waste single-use and fast-fashion plastic every single day.”

Caring is difficult…because we risk feeling sad or even despondent…but when we lean into caring it leads to joy, love, empathy, activism, and positive change.

“Some things I find depressing about this modern era—there’s obviously been a lot of progress, though some is being rolled back right now around women’s rights, around equity.

But plastic is one area where we’re backsliding. The climate crisis is one area where we’re backsliding.

We’re actively destroying our planet for convenience.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

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“I’m all for personal responsibility, but plastic recycling almost never happens. It’s super toxic: you have to heat it and melt it. And then it can only be recycled once because it degrades.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

“I’m a huge fan of my local farmer’s market. I try to support local. I love the farmer’s market experience, but there’s so much single-use plastic happening there. And this is not to blame them. They’re amazing. They’re trying. But there’s thousands of plastic bags being passed out by vendors. News alert: you don’t need to put your veggies in plastic bags.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

“Until 10 years ago, I didn’t understand that like 90% of modern clothing is made out of plastic.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

“This isn’t about being perfect. This isn’t about being uptight.

But it is about caring. Caring for your children, for our planet, for animals means you’re willing to feel pain and sadness when things aren’t going your way—that is the root of empathy.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

Reader Comments: 

“Yerp! Plastic has become one of biggest unnatural invaders. Invading our water, soil, clothing, and shoes. Such a drag.” ~ @eyesofanowl

“Please keep caring because I care along with others. Perhaps not critical mass but we simply don’t have a choice but to care and keep talking about. You inspired me tonight when I watched this.” ~ @dawnfried.tappingcoach

“I hear you. I have the discussion daily. Pretty frustrating.” ~ @gblossom546

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