April 2, 2024

Days since Edgelord Elon Musk has embarrassed himself: 0

Musk, immigrant, receiver of billions in US aid, is an embarrassment to 12-year-old boys everywhere.

“Better be careful, Musk. You’ll tick off half your fanbase if you acknowledge dinosaurs existed. They’re already being nice in letting you think Mars exists.”

More comments:

“What a narcissist. Spending billions for your own personal megaphone only to display what an idiot you are. Good business plan!”

“Elon Musk is like an edgy teenager from the 1990s who never grew up–saw the edgy humor from the early 2000s and tries to make a poor imitation of it now, while in his early 50s. The dude is slightly older than my mom, and he tries to act like he’s still a college-age meathead.”

“It’s official – Tesla is suffering lower sales because Elon is so fucking toxic


“A white South African sweeping colonization under the rug.. color me shocked.”

“Musk does not speak for all white South Africans.

South Africa is one of the few places colonisation wasn’t swept under the rug.

Power was ceded to the majority. A comprehensive Truth and Reconciliation Commission exposed everything to the public.

Extensive equality measures are in place.

SA’s Constitution is the most progressive on the planet. It ensures equality, dignity, fairness, and non-discrimination.

So it’s not fair or accurate to conflate the bigoted views of one narcissistic megalomaniac, who emigrated three decades ago, with the sentiments of all white South Africans.

Musk’s rhetoric and regressive ideology is an extreme outlier.”

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