April 15, 2024

Summer Bucket List: 61 Things to Do to Wake Up Your Spirit & Feel Alive Again.

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I love spring, but I’m thinking about summer.

It’s high time to slow my roll and truly savor the sweet, laid-back season ahead. Longer days of sunshine and quiet reprieve from the colder months will surely bring a bit of peaceful gratitude.

I want to have a “good” summer, but it won’t be centered around grand vacations or spending tons of money. There will be no hustle and bustle this year, that’s for sure. For me, it’ll be about 61 things I’d like to mindfully tick off a simple (but super-duper) list—because lists are my jam!

Being truly present in all I do is the most important priority in order to savor Summer ’24—the brief, beautiful few months of time I’ll never get back. 

Here are exactly 61 things I’m planning so I can wake up my spirit and simply feel alive again!

  1. Take a scenic hike (or two, or three, or four)
  2. Find a few more Rail Trails and bike ’em all
  3. Swim in the ocean and build a sandcastle
  4. Go wading in a creek in cut-offs
  5. Make fresh lemonade
  6. Spend the entire day without an agenda, but with a great friend
  7. Take a full moon walk and look up at the stars on a cool, clear night
  8. Visit a farm (calves! baby goats! ducklings!)
  9. Move some perennials to where they will feel better
  10. Make a new friend
  11. Plant sunflowers early for August enjoyment
  12. Go to a big Country Fair
  13. Spot an owl and then sketch it and then use watercolors to paint it and then frame it
  14. Invent a fabulous, new signature cocktail
  15. Visit an outdoor sculpture garden
  16. Frequent the flea market
  17. Shop local
  18. Play outside with a child
  19. Can some pickles
  20. Read, read, read
  21. Walk the river at Steep Rock
  22. Get up early for a sunrise
  23. Lay in the grass and look at the clouds on a carefree afternoon
  24. Pay it forward, buy a stranger a fresh cup of coffee (and then do it again)
  25. Sit by a nice fire at dusk
  26. Grow a big fat juicy tomato
  27. Sift through some second-hand shops
  28. Get a hefty scoop of ice cream in a sugar cone and let it drip down my wrist…once a week
  29. Study the birds
  30. Find a small winery with Adirondack chairs and music
  31. Watch a (local) baseball game at night under the lights
  32. Wash all my windows and mirrors
  33. Stop for a hot dog and a milkshake at a roadside stand (after a hike)
  34. Dance to live music at a local brewery
  35. Go on a boat ride and float on the lake until the sunnies nip my ass
  36. Get caught in a warm summer shower
  37. Watch the sunset on top of a mountain
  38. Go skinny dipping
  39. Camp out
  40. Clean the attic and the basement once and for all
  41. Write a poem
  42. Do yoga outside in the shade
  43. Eat some corn on the cob
  44. Volunteer
  45. Nap like it’s my job
  46. Pay for a top-notch spa beauty treatment
  47. Build a short, new walkway in my courtyard
  48. Bake a fresh peach pie
  49. Take the kayak out for a bit
  50. Have some neighbors over for some unsweetened iced tea and a gab session
  51. Get my produce from the farmer’s market
  52. Go fishing
  53. Eat a lobster roll
  54. Watch the fireworks
  55. Finish a whole jigsaw puzzle
  56. Pack a cooler and sit down at the town park for the live bands on Friday nights
  57. Plan a day trip; pick a spot not too far away and hit the road for shopping, exploring and lunch
  58. Reconnect with an old friend
  59. Learn something completely new
  60. Forgive, let go of everything, and move the f*ck on
  61. Put my damn phone down and not document any of it

Cheers to summer ’24! What would you add to this list?


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Read 6 comments and reply

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