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October 8, 2020

Why Money Is One of the Greatest Spiritual Teachers on This Planet Right Now.

I love money. There, I said it.

If you feel a bit funny or awkward talking about money, this is a strong indication that money, the simple holla dolla, the green stuff, the bread, the buckaroos, could be your greatest spiritual teacher right now. 

Let’s think about money logically for just one second —rounds of metal and bits of paper, really what is the big deal? We have attached so many of our own self-limiting beliefs to the energy of money, that we can barely recognise it as just an energy. Money can become an incredible spiritual teacher, but we have to allow it.

Here are just some of the ideas that we jam up into the energy of money:

>> Our worth

>> Value or values

>> Status or importance

>> Freedom

>> Judgements

>> Progression in life

>> Our early conditioning 

Logically, we know that none of these things are a reflection of who we are or what we contribute to this world, but that still hasn’t stopped us from measuring ourselves against the amount we have. 

Facing up to my money woes

For me, money is an incredible tool that has allowed me to have amazing expansive experiences; it is one of my greatest spiritual teachers—but this hasn’t always been the case.

I grew up, like many people, hearing: 

“You have to work hard for money.”

“Money is hard to come by.” 

“Rich people are greedy.” 

As such, my early childhood conditioning was clouded in judgments that created a distorted reality, where I had this love-hate relationship with money. By the time I was in my 30s, I was in mountains of debt, the money stress was literally killing me and contributing to multiple health issues, and I was a triggered mess anytime anyone brought up the subject. At the time, I had no idea what an incredible spiritual teacher money could be. 

Money holds many secrets. Money is a mirror of an aspect of yourself, deep in your subconscious. 

The stories you believe about money are often also the stories you hold about yourself, your shadow self. I was in debt because my relationship with money mirrored something fit only for the Jerry Springer show. 

When I was stuck with a constant lack of money, it was me I was so harsh to, it was me I called unpleasant names. If only I could just work harder, do more. If only I could just be more perfect! 

Eventually, “money” pushed me so far, I had to call time on my own BS. I felt broke and broken by money. I was over the tug-o-war inside me of feeling the shame of wanting money and feeling the shame of not having it. 

Money was dripped in shame, for me. The lowest vibration in the human consciousness, according to psychologist Dr. David Hawkins. So, it is little wonder many humans have lost their lives to the shame felt around money, as it can bring your personal consciousness to its lowest point. 

Learning to change my money mindset

Eventually, I took a stand and decided enough was enough. I became determined to change my story with money. I knew logically it was just an energy, neither good nor bad; that if I became willing to face my own judgements, conditioning, self-esteem issues, self-worth, and look shame in the eye—I could heal my distorted reality around it. 

I became a student of the spiritual teacher, money. I started the journey by asking myself this question: 

“If the energy of money was a person, and I was that person would I want to live with myself?” 

My answer was a resounding, “Hell no!”

When money showed up for me, I told it that it wasn’t enough. 

When it didn’t show up, I was angry and frustrated.  

Whatever money did, it could never do right by me—I was always pissed at money.

Faced with my own mirror, I realised in horror that I was never grateful for anything where money was concerned. I also realised that I was the only person on this planet that could change things. 

Several times a day, I spoke to the energy of money, thanking it for showing up for me. It felt good at first, ’til my self-doubt crept in. I was determined not to let my inner self-doubt win. I had committed; I would make peace with money; I would have a loving relationship with it and be grateful for what I had. 

The biggest lesson money taught me

The biggest lesson out of the many, many incredible lessons that money taught me was the power of allowing.

All my life, I had been in a state of wanting. I constantly confirmed my “lack of,” so I was surprised when I discovered that the universe had been mirroring me all along. As I pushed and hustled toward money, money mirrored me perfectly, creating resistance.

When I stood still in my energy, surrendered to my worthiness, and affirmed that I was open and available to receive, I began receiving. No longer was I willing to accept my worthiness as the balance of my bank account.

I learned to love who I was, not what I had.

Today, I see money just like love; money is an expansive energy, that everything it touches expands.

Money is expansion. Money is love.

Money will ultimately teach you self-trust and self-appreciation. It pushed me to the point where I finally admitted it was only me that could change things.

Today I work as a spiritual coach, a job that truly lights my soul. I am debt-free and at peace with money. It supports me because I support my inner-self. Money is like a faithful teacher who is still teaching me lessons of alignment and allowing goodness into my life.

No longer is money a source of fear in my life. 

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