May 6, 2024

Words Get in the Way.

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I need more than mere words.

Only a gesture will do.

Tell me you want me in more ways than one.

Your eyes know the intensity;

I can read them at any depth.

Put a spell on me.

We are here for a reason.

Show me you want me,

Make me want you.

Your fingers know the path.

My skin can feel your magnetic energy.

Our bodies are now communicating.

Let your lips know the tenderness.

What are you waiting for?

Do you see me biting my lip?

I need to feel your desire within my soul;

Your smile, your touch, tells me all I need to know.

Not for a moment and not for a night.

I want to get lost in our language when the moon and the sun greet each other.

This is a language for only our understanding.

It is not for the weak.

Words are secondary;

The connection is climactic.

The stars align with this language.

We have the power to astonish the universe.

We can design a galaxy.

We teach each other how to finish our thoughts.

It is second nature.

Words will get in the way.

Do not confuse this with words;

Connect with me at a level of depth.

We are worth it.

The universe brought us here to this moment;

Do not shatter it with words.

Show me why we are here.

And then again and again, like the sun and the moon.

And every moment in between when the stars glimmer in the night sky.

And when the sun will make us glow.

Do you feel the exhilaration?

It started with a look.


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