June 17, 2024

Anyone can be our Teacher & Any Moment can be an Opportunity to Learn.

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I went on a trip last week.

I expected it to be fun and to enjoy the weather and the people I was with. I expected to rest and relax and enjoy some extra free time.

What I didn’t expect was to come away feeling inspired, motivated, and more energized about certain things in my own life. But I did.

It’s like a spark was lit, like I got a little kick in the booty I needed but didn’t know that I needed.

It’s easy to get into routines and the daily to-dos and the normal happenings of our daily lives, to go through the motions—even mindfully—wrapped up in the usual things we’re used to, that we don’t really see beyond that.

And then something may happen that wakes up something within us.

For me, this trip that I thought would be fun and relaxing, also felt inspiring, motivating, and reenergizing.

And it was just another example of how we can learn things in unexpected ways and in unexpected places and in unexpected moments.

Anyone can be our teacher and any moment can be an opportunity to learn.

We may hear just the right words at the right time, or maybe we see a quote that resonates with something deep within us. Maybe we’re watching TV or reading a book and we’re struck by something that feels so personally relevant for us, a lesson that we, too, are working through.

In each and every moment, we have an opportunity—to watch, to learn, to observe, to practicing being right here, wherever we are.

Any moment can be an opening, an opportunity to wake up, to see something, to gain clarity.

Any moment, any experience, can teach us something, if we’re open, if we’re alert, if we’re willing, if we’re paying attention.

It could be a passing interaction or come from someone we love. It could come from unexpected sources or places or people.

Anything, any moment, could help us snap out of the patterned or conditioned nature of our minds, of our habitual ways of thinking or moving in the world.

Maybe we see a beautiful flower or a bright blue sky or vibrant colors of green coating the bushes and grass and trees. Maybe we get a whiff of a beautiful scent while we’re out walking—and it pulls us out of our thoughts, out of whatever it was that we were thinking.

Each moment is an opportunity to practice presence, mindfulness, being present, being open.

Each moment is an opportunity to practice observation, watching, being with ourselves and our experiences, our inner experience.

If we’re open and willing, anyone can be a teacher; anything could be a teacher.

Maybe a pet could teach us patience; so too could being stopped at a red light. Maybe someone unexpected could speak words that could help us make sense of something in our own lives. Maybe we could observe others living their lives and draw inspiration from what they’re doing; maybe it helps us connect more deeply to ourselves and what it is that we want.

We can gain inspiration or motivation or understandings from moments we hadn’t anticipated. We can learn lessons from people or places or experiences we couldn’t have predicted.

We can learn things in unexpected places and in unexpected ways—if only we’re open and willing and paying attention.

Anyone can be a teacher; any moment can be an opportunity to learn.


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