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February 19th-25th Winners

#1 Tiffany Timm $300 Editor's Pick

It wasn’t Love: 10 Signs your Relationship was a Trauma Bond.

#2 Céline Levy $150

Why Survivors of Abuse Can’t “Just Leave”—How our Nervous System Keeps us Frozen.

#3 Kelly Branyik $108

7 Signs You’re Being Love-Bombed.

#4 Elizabeth Miller $108 Editor's Pick

A Step-by-Step Guide to Surviving Trauma.

#5 Daniel Brown $75

Why there will be No Tears for Rush Limbaugh.

#6 Sarah Draper $75

How the Anxious-Avoidant Roller-Coaster Dynamic can be an Opportunity for Growth.

#7 Lee Warren $75 Editor's Pick

Start the Relationship by Ending it: Breakup Tips that Inform All Phases of Conscious Relating.

#8 Jenny Neal $50

When you Fall in Love with your Best Friend.

#9 Melissa Steussy $50

Understanding Triggers (& 6 Ways to Cope with Them).

#10 Lori Blevins $50 Editor's Pick

Please Don’t Ask me How I Am.

#11 Steve Garrett $50 Editor's Pick

The Truth about the Men behind Emotional & Physical Abuse.

#12 Rose Pryor $50

Highly Sensitive People & Substance Abuse: When we Grow up a Dreamer.

#13 Hannah Lyness $50

5 Things Not to Say to Someone who is Struggling with their Mental Health.

#14 Marianne Cook $50

3 Mindful Alternatives to Seated Meditation.

#15 Keri Mangis $50

Why Recognizing our Childhood Conditioning is the First Step to Self-Love.