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June 3 to 9 Winners

#1 Roopa Swaminathan $200 Editor's Pick

3 Types of Courage that can help us Master whatever Sh*t Life throws our Way.

#2 Annie Das $108

The #1 Indicator that Your Relationship Will Last.

#3 Sharon A. DeNofa $108

Failed Relationships: 5 Unexpected Lessons they Teach us.

#4 Megan Henry $108

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: We need to Talk about Victim Blaming.

#5 Noel Koenke $75 Editor's Pick

My Coming Out Story: I can Never Explain the Pain, but I can Explain the Pride.

#6 Beth Shekinah Terrence $75 Editor's Pick

A Poem for when we are Overcome with Loss & Grief.

#7 Damini Grover $75

8 Ways we Avoid our Emotions (Plus: A Billy Joel Song to Remind us to Slow Down).

#8 Eleni Stephanides $50

Straight until proven Gay—How Heteronormativity Invisibilizes Queerness one Comment at a Time.

#9 Linda Maria Jones $50

The Love Letter we all Need to Read.

#10 Renee Fesser $50

A Dating Guide for those in New & Long-Term Relationships.



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