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Note: When folks earn identical scores, we use the number of reads as the tiebreaker.

november 6th – 12th Winners

#1 Giselle Naidu $300 Editor's Pick

A 5-Step Self-Care Practice to End the Trauma of Self-Abandonment.

#2 Rebecca Donaldson $150

Meet Our First Lady—A Powerhouse: Dr. Jill Biden.

#3 Jennifer Bauer $108

The “Do it all Myself” Mentality that’s Born from Trauma & Feeling Unworthy.

#4 Janis Isaman $108

How to use a Man-child’s Words to Fuel your Badass Femininity.

#5 Christopher Donovan $75 Editor's Pick

What my Time in a Psych Ward Taught me about the Power of Routine.

#6 Kathy Parker $75

Healing the Parent-Child Relationship isn’t our Responsibility.

#7 Rebecca Donaldson $75

Developmental Trauma & CPTSD: It’s Time we ask Questions.

#8 Theo Horesh $50

The Long National Nightmare is Over.

#9 Alicia McDaniels $50

Trump didn’t Start your Problems, Biden Won’t Solve them & Not Everyone Agrees with You.

#10 Rebecca Donaldson $50

Joe Biden Stutters & it’s Okay—it’s more than Okay.



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