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14 Ways to become the Best Version of Yourself.

16 Heart it! Avesha Parker 5.5k
March 8, 2018
Avesha Parker
16 Heart it! 5.5k

Being the “best version” of yourself can mean many different things to people.

However, I think there are key attributes that pertain to each of us as we strive to be the best person we can be—internally, not just on the surface.

When I think of being the best version of myself, it doesn’t mean I am always happy or things are perfect; on the contrary, it means I honor where I am at all times (the good and the difficult), and I am gentle with myself when I need to be.

Being the best version of yourself means that you wake up ready to tackle the day ahead of you, and you go to bed at night knowing that you did the best you could, even if things did not go as planned.

Below are true and proven ways to shift your perspective and help you on your journey to becoming your best you!

1. Balance. 

We must find balance in life in order to be our best and most healthy self. When we are trying to “manage” life without balance, we burn out quickly. Creating a balanced lifestyle will help us avoid the crash and burn which leads to anxiety, depression, and stress. Remember to always make time for yourself—even 15 minutes a day—doing yoga, meditating, taking a walk, or enjoying a relaxing lavender and Epsom salt bath. This will recharge and refresh your soul.

2. Shifting the way you see yourself. 

During the process of learning who you are, you will experience many painful moments. Rather than resisting or struggling, sit with them and breathe into them. Shift your perspective, so that you appreciate these moments, knowing they are helping you grow. Thank the universe for this learning opportunity, forgive yourself and those who have hurt you, and focus on all the wonderful things that make you who you are.

3. Core values.

What is your mantra? If you haven’t defined the best version of yourself, whip out your journal and begin with writing down your goals and values. What are the most important goals and values in your personal life and work? What values do you use to define the person you are now? And, who do you want to be in the future? Get very clear on those.

Exercise: write your values in your journal and add to them over time as you start to shift perspective.

4. Life vision.

Spend some time with yourself, and create a vision for your future life. Look at every aspect of your life, and envision how you want it to look, using journaling, drawing, or vision boards. This is a fun and creative way to manifest a vision. Be specific; the universe can only give you what you ask for if you are clear about what it is you want.

5. Create action plan.

Once you have brought your vision to life, it is time to execute an action plan on how to receive all you desire. Setting goals is important and a huge part of creating the vision. Take one step at a time.

6. Rituals.

I love rituals. Rituals create a pattern or a habit and create consistency, which is critical for self-love and self-care. It is easy to start something and eventually fizzle out, however, I personally have learned from experience that rituals keep us on task and motivated to keep going.

7. Letting go.

We all have those people in our lives who have been there for a while—however, we aren’t sure why we still engage with them. They are a negative time-suck and are actually toxic to our existence. We dodge their phone calls and don’t return their texts, but still we keep them around. Let them go. If they no longer serve you in a positive way or if you feel drained from being in their presence, then let them go. By letting them go, you will open the door for something better.

8. Simplify.

Determine what you really need in life to be happy. Usually, it’s the simplicity of life that brings us the happiest moments.

Exercise: host a declutter ritual in your home. It can be very healing.

9. Create a life you don’t need a vacation from.

How many times do you hear people say, “Ugh, I need a vacation.” Guess what: you can go away, but you must return. Since a vacation isn’t forever, why don’t you create a life that you don’t need to run away from? Make your home your sanctuary. Create rituals in your life that give you a break from reality without having to spend thousands to do so.

10. Intuition.

Listen to your gut…always. Intuition will never steer you the wrong way. Honor where you are at this moment. Whatever you are feeling is where you are at the moment, and you need to spend time in that feeling. Sit with it, accept it, and move forward. Do not try to push those feelings away, as they will return and wreak havoc in other areas of your life. If you simply accept and honor where you are, you will move on more quickly than those who choose to ignore how they feel.

“If we do not suffer a loss all the way to the end, it will wait for us.” ~ Unkown

11. Exercise and nutrition.

Start an exercise routine today if you haven’t already. There are so many wonderful and free resources out there to help you design your own wellness routine. Start exercising and eating healthy, and watch everything else fall into place.

12. Forgiveness and healing.

Wherever you are wounded, wherever you are hurt, wherever you are frightened—seek healing. Restore and forgive yourself. Get well again. Do what must be done to heal. You can’t be the best version of yourself when you are emotionally, mentally, or physically unwell.

13. Gratitude.

Simply be grateful for what is. Spend a few minutes in gratitude every day through mindful meditation. Focus on all the blessings in your life, and thank the universe for them. Being grateful for what you have and acknowledging that gratitude will change your mindset over time.

14. Give back.

There are many ways to give back, either through community work or spending time with your friends and sharing this new mindset with them. Everyone can benefit from being their happiest and healthiest self.

Are you the best version of yourself? How are you working to become that person?



Author: Avesha
Image: Unsplash/Eye for Ebony
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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16 Heart it! Avesha Parker 5.5k
16 Heart it! 5.5k

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