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A United States Senator is Pregnant & Why it Matters.

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January 29, 2018
Kenni Linden
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This past week, United States Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, announced that she is expecting her second child.

Why does this matter?

Sen. Duckworth will become the first sitting senator to give birth in office. The first. There are currently 22 women serving in the Senate. This is a record-breaking number of women and it’s still less than a quarter of the Senate.

No wonder we don’t have universal parental leave and childcare assistance in the United States.

We need representation. Not only do we need more women in elected offices, we need those that understand the realities of giving birth, raising children, and working to advocate for the rest of us working families.

When those who are writing our laws don’t have first hand knowledge of the impacts of living without paid parental leave or childcare assistance, we all lose.

Here’s to another chip in that archaic wall of patriarchy.


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1 Heart it! Kenni Linden 165
1 Heart it! 165

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