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Always Choose Love

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June 11, 2018
Teresa Weybrew
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If you struggle with grief, may I offer you a different perspective…
something for you to reflect on as an alternative to the painful, mind twisting, soul wrenching ache that can at times, be debilitating.
If only for a moment, may you soul live in the the light that grief can offer – if we so choose.

In a high vibration, I know that the Universe is conspiring on my behalf, my spirit is filled with joy. My inner being and I are aligned.
Amazing people appear in my life.
Experiences that delight me are never ending.
The synchronicities tumble, one into the next.
I step aside in pure satisfaction and watch as I am provided with all that I could ever imagine.
On these days, I know why I’ve lost the love of my life.
My person.
I understand his journey and I am filled with gratitude that he and I chose to come here and be a part of each other’s lives in our most beautiful love story of all time.
That we were lucky enough to share this special love.
Our bubble.
I can see his blue eyes twinkling, his smile lights up his whole being.
He is at my side, my thoughts are filled with his.
We are still one.
His new existence brings me so much happiness.
The gifts in the lessons he offers me now will continue until I take my last breathe.
There are many of these days.
But there are also days that I have to work hard to just breathe.
I miss him in his human form.
I have to remind myself of the Universe and my inner beings love and guidance.
These are the days when I search for my love in the physical places in our world.
I ache for him holding me in our bed.
In the kitchen tickling me as I cook.
Watching me put on my makeup
Together everywhere.
The ache is unbearable.
What I know now is that these are the days, the moments, where the real treasures reside.
The moments when my work is to choose love over grief.
When I must focus to practice all the tools I have been given on this journey, both spiritual and practical.
The power is here.
When it is the hardest.
To be quiet enough to hear my love and my soul call me back to the
light and to the love.
To myself.
He is not in the darkness, he is not in these human places.
My love is in the light.
He is the light, he is pure love.
When I am joyous, happy and aligned, my love is a part of me.
So I will always choose love.

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0 Heart it! Teresa Weybrew 222
0 Heart it! 222

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