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Be Yourself Now.

2 Heart it! Bill Rugg 159
February 3, 2018
Bill Rugg
2 Heart it! 159

This is your reminder to always be real,

Because anything less won’t create a good feel.

You can be authentic and true and decidedly say,

“There’s no reason for fake to be part of my day.”

Be yourself. Try Elephant:Now, today.



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2 Heart it! Bill Rugg 159
2 Heart it! 159

Gina Newlin Feb 4, 2018 7:06am

When I was 13 years old, I started a journal with the words, “Writing…where does the skill come from?” Despite not being anything like an avid reader, I felt like I wanted to be a writer, but I didn’t know if I had what it took. Then I filled the pages of that notebook with my 13 year old thoughts and observations anyway. In my early 20’s, I think, I looked back at that journal and was disappointed in the lack of depth and eloquence in my writing, and I believe I decided that the answer was no. A few years later, I endeavored to produce a family newsletter and got two of them out before finding it all too daunting to come up with new and interesting content more than twice in one year. I’ve often been complimented for how I express myself in words on and off the page, but here I am in my 40’s, still too fearful to share anything I write broadly. These recent prompts from Elephant to write and hit “share” have been poking at me. We shall see.

    Bill Rugg Feb 27, 2018 4:39pm

    Boy, would I love to see you take the leap. Your feelings of confidence in your own words and writing, along with the support you have had over the years from others is just awesome! Many of us though, me included, have largely written in private, for fun, to make others laugh, and maybe for some romance! But, never for the benefit of the world at large. I love everything about what you wrote here. It’s a little vulnerable, it’s honest, is shares just enough for me to want more. Let me also tell you this: the same person that wrote this post also wrote another that I would offer you to read—
    As this was my own story about overcoming my fear to share my words broadly. And with that — I know you can do it! And I hope you do!

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