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How To Tell If You Are An Empath? – Common Signs And Characteristics

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February 3, 2018
Patricia Smith
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There are many people out there who are just naturally capable of reading or essentially feeling the emotions of others and these people are commonly referred to as empaths.

Nowadays, some of the biggest companies in the world are doing research on this and are trying to train their employees to excel at being empathetic towards others.

Regardless of what your job is there’s a high likelihood that you interact with people. Whether it be people within your own workspace or outside of it, it is all about people basically.

If you’re good at reading the emotions of others then you have an incredible ability as you can pick up on how someone else is thinking and feeling without even necessarily having to talk with them.

Having a sense for liars and deceit is another common trait of empaths.

Have you wondered why we have the same group of people that are in the World Series of Poker every year? They’re basically able to read a bluff on other people and it helps them excel at what they do. Or even let’s say in law enforcement agencies that there are various detectives that just stand out apart from their peers.

And how do you explain that some people are capable of knowing and feeling truth more than others where some people just need proof and they can’t analyze anything you know other than that other people just know?

And that’s something that goes along with. It is the intuitive ability that more and more people are waking up around the world and discovering that there is a feeling that we have before our thoughts get in the way before our mind screws everything up by mixing things. The feeling that precedes the thought process is always the right one.

Now, something that goes along with being an empath is that you pick up on the emotions and feelings of others.

There are people that can walk into a room a group of people and this could be whether at work a sporting event a shopping mall a bar and they will leave that room having picked up on the emotions and feelings of others.

As an example, if you’re in a room full of negative people it drains the hell out of you it makes you feel negative or if you’re around a group of happy people it makes you feel elevated.

Of course, there is an exception to the rule.

Sociopaths and psychopaths in the world make up 2 to 3 % of the world population. What differentiates them from others is their lack of feelings and emotions.

There are other people that do have feelings and emotions for others but still struggle to be able to identify with other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Haven’t you experienced in your own life whether it be on the job or just out in public or with friends and acquaintances at parties, that there are some people that are just you know you could call them socially awkward but that might not even qualify that there are some people that just struggle to understand others.

Massage therapists are one of those people that are just gifted on being able to touch others and be good at it. Massage therapists or some of them that are just the best of what they do.

How do you explain that? Did they read a textbook or something on the subject and just knew how to do it better? That’s not the way it happens.

There are people that pet dogs and when they meet new dogs, in second they will find where to scratch a certain spot on them and immediately become buddies with them.

Empaths are known to be highly sensitive or overly emotional. A common symptom empaths exhibit is getting emotionally into the arts, whether it be a play whether it be a movie or TV show and essentially feel the emotions of the characters that they’re putting out they can identify with it.

Empaths experience a need for solitude. Empaths simply need to have alone time that if they’re around too many people for prolonged periods of time they need to just unwind and recoup and rest psychologically on their own.

If someone is empathic, they will be one of those people that animals gravitate towards them.

This has to do with frequency, with our mentality, the mindset that we’re in. Because as it goes out into the Universe, whether it’s people right around you or animals can pick up on it and humans have the ability to pick up on it too we just don’t understand it.

We don’t understand why we get a feeling around being certain people even if they don’t say anything and they have a happy face on, you still get a feel about them.

And another example that goes along with that is that a certain kind of people will gravitate towards empaths – narcissists. Narcissists are the type of people that like to share their life story and have like inner radar to find empaths and unload on them.  

Empaths are good cookers.  They can mix and match different things without instructions, without a cookbook and they can whip up some really tasty food.

How is it that some chefs are just world-class? Is it just because they have what they like to eat that ain’t it everyone likes to eat?

Another major characteristic of being an empath is you can see people at the grocery store as an example. They might not look happy or sad or anything but you can still tell what’s going on in their life you can tell the mood that they’re in.

For many years people have talked about empaths. And not until lately, the Internet has managed to bring the world closer together on this subject because people have a way of researching it. They have a way of coming across this information without even looking for it.

The answers are out there and that people are identifying with them and realizing that there are certain abilities that well we just have. And people that aren’t familiar with it will just disagree and disbelieve it.

There’s a lot of other information you can dig up on this, search for more information on the empathic characteristics. Ask yourself do you share a lot of these things because you identify with a single symptom you don’t need to label yourself as an empath. The question becomes do you feel that you have a certain ability to feel the emotions of others. If you do then you’re an empath, it’s that simple.

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1 Heart it! Patricia Smith 34
1 Heart it! 34

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