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Juan Filipe Herrera Teaches Alive Literature

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February 20, 2018
Heidi McArdle
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In a tranquil garden warmed by the scent of summer flowers and grass, Juan Filipe Herrera, poet laureate of the United States (2015-2016), spoke to a group of aspiring writers demanding to know how poetry can possibly help such a troubled world. He told us to begin to record our responses to the troubling events, to let words begin, however haltingly, to sense their way into such turmoil.

In Florida last week for a pre-scheduled event at the College of Central Florida, he shared his own such heartfelt response:

Seventeen, who were joyous,

Who had questions.

Life was new.

It seemed like it was just beginning.

Seventeen, we’re ready.

And we’re dreaming.

And we’re studying.

Seventeen, about to build

A new society.

Seventeen, gone, now.


To read the poetry he produced with the audience, 


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0 Heart it! Heidi McArdle 35
0 Heart it! 35

Heidi McArdle Feb 20, 2018 10:15am

link for poetry he helped the audience write

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